10 Common Appliance Repairs

Have you ever wanted to repair that appliance that just isn’t working at full capacity anymore? This article covers the top ten home solutions for fixing your broken appliances.

10. My garbage disposal blade won’t turn.

Garbage Disposals are known to stop working. This is sometimes known to be caused by something becoming lodged in the gears. The easiest solution is listed below.

First you should use a flashlight to inspect the drain, and look for objects that might be caught up in the gears of the disposal. If any are visible, remove them with your hands. Now you should turn your garbage disposal on to see if it is operational. If it is not, use a broom handle to manually turn the blade counter clockwise. Keep turning until the object is dislodged, and your blade spins.

Please note that you should never use your garbage disposal without running water going through it. This is bad on the gears, and will significantly reduce the life of your garbage disposal.

9. How can I clean mineral deposits in my dish washer?

Start your dish washer without any soap or detergent solution in it. When the spraying cycle begins, open the door immediately. Remove around ½ gallon of water from the bottom of the dish washer, and replace it with white vinegar. Now start the washing process again. Once it’s done, all deposits should be gone.

8. My toaster still works, but the bread won’t pop up when it’s done.

Always make sure the appliance you’re repairing is unplugged before you start working on it.

The first step should be to open up your toaster. Look for small bread crumbs, as this is the most likely suspect. Either vacuum, or remove the crumbs with a very small clean brush.

Please note that shaking a toaster can dislodge parts inside of it.

7. The fans in my computer are making strange noises, how do I clean them?

Periodically it is wise to clean the fans in your computer. The dust in the air will clog up your fans, and can actually be very hardzous to your computer.

First you should open your case. If you cannot find the proper screws to remove the cover, you should reference the manual. Sometimes opening your computer case can be quite tricky.

Once it is open, use a can of compressed air to blow out your fans inside. The most common fans are your front case, processor, and power supply fans.

Please note that opening your computer case will sometimes void the manufacturer warranty. Please reference your warranty manual.

6. I burnt food in my microwave, and now it has a terrible odor that smells like burnt hair. What can I do to help it?

Burnt food in the microwave can make your entire house stink. First get a regular size coffee cup, and fill half the cup with water. Next place a single tea bag in it, and place it in your microwave. Cook it on low for 5 minutes, and let it sit for 5 to 10 additional minutes in the microwave. If the smell still persists, repeat daily until it is gone.

5. My vacuum cleaner emits a terrible musky smell whenever I vacuum. How can I make this smell go away?

This can be a very terrible problem, but it has a simple remedy. First you need to sprinkle a little bit of coffee on your floor. Now vacuum the spot with the coffee, and presto! The musky smell should be gone.

4. My dryer takes double the time it used to previously take to dry clothes. Is my dryer slowly dying?

This is more than likely the result of a bad dryer door seal. With a worn out seal, the warm air escapes from the dryer. New seals commonly cost between 10 to 20 dollars, and come with directions on how to install them.

3. My water heater makes a strange “rumbling” sound when it is filling up. What in the world is this?

This is usually the result of a substantial buildup of sediment in your tank. First turn off the water supply to the tank. The next step is to connect a regular garden hose to the spigot at the base of your water heater, and run the hose outside. Now go open any hot water spigot in your house, and your tank will drain.

2. My refrigerator is cooling very poorly lately, and the seal around the door is somewhat brittle. Can I fix this?

This is a very simple procedure. You can purchase a new seal at most any appliance store. You first need to remove the old gasket. This will consist of lifting up the seal, and unscrewing the screws that attach it to the refrigerator door. Now follow instructions included with the new seal for the installation procedures.

1. My stove and refrigerator both have a lot of small nicks and scratches caused from when we moved. Can anything help this?

To solve this problem you need appliance touch up paint, which is avaible in most hardware stores.

First you should use sandpaper or steel wool to rough up the scratched area so it will accept the new paint better. When you have completed this, clean the area thoroughly with a strong cleanser.

Now follow the directions on the touchup paint, and your appliance will look brand new!

The following article covers the top ten easiest home fixes for your broken appliance. Fixing your own appliances can save you a lot of money!

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