10 Fabulous Debt Reduction Articles

Getting out of debt is difficult, especially if you are one that relies on payday loans for those unexpected bills. These articles below are a fabulous way to reduce your debt, stop your addiction to payday loans, and debt elimination. I’ve followed several of these articles and they have a wealth of information and good ideas. Each one of these articles is written by a budget minded woman who’s been there. The website that she runs, All Info about Personal Finance, has tons more tips and ideas where you can get ahead of the rat race and back in control of every dollar you take in.

I Will Not Borrow . . . Today
It’s easy to stop the cycle of debt dead in its tracks, one day at a time. All you have to do is promise yourself, I Will Not Borrow . . . Today.

How I Broke the Payday Loan Cycle
Read the experience of one desperate borrower caught up in the cash advance or payday loan cycle in How I Broke the Payday Loan Cycle.

How to Break the Payday Loan Cycle
Trapped in the cash advance cycle? There is a way out. Here are some tips on How to Break the Payday Loan Cycle.

If It Weren’t For Bad Luck . . . .
Is it the cycle of debt that creates unnecessary drama and stress in our lives? Or are we really just unlucky? I’d have no luck at all, If It Weren’t For Bad Luck . . . .

Payday Loans are the Devil
Despite lenders’ claims, payday or cash advance loans often set into motion a vicious cycle of borrowing that’s difficult to escape. In fact, Payday Loans are the Devil.

Why It’s So Hard to Break the Payday Loan Cycle
Social stigma, embarrassment, lack of awareness of payday lending laws, lagging legislation … Why It’s So Hard to Break the Payday Loan Cycle.

The Truth About Cash Advance Loans
Payday loan companies say cash advance loans are a quick and easy fix for financial problems, but are they? Find out The Truth About Cash Advance Loans.

The Debt Elimination Plan
Use our fun and easy-to-use notebook idea to keep track of the progress of your Debt Elimination Plan.

The Debt Free Living Budget
Looking for a budget that will keep your family healthy and happy in the here and now, while helping you to reach your dreams for the future? Try the Debt Free Living Budget.

The Debt Repayment Fund
Fund your Debt Elimination Plan and make it work by setting up a Debt Repayment Fund.

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