10 Ideas for Group Halloween Costumes

Is your sorority, fraternity or group of friends throwing a Halloween bash? Wearing matching costumes will help you keep up with each other and let your guests know who’s in charge should they need something. Here are some ideas you can use.

Group Halloween costume No. 1 – Boy Band: Whether you want to be the Backstreet Boys, Boys II Men, The Monkees, New Edition, New Kids on the Block, or *NSYNC, all you really need to make this costume work is matching shirts and goofy hairstyles.

Group Halloween costume No. 2 – Dancers: If you want to be a group of dancers, figure out what kind of dancers you want to be. You can be belly dancers, ballerinas, tap dancers, jazz dancers, Irish folk dancers or flash dancers. You can get matching costumes from your local dance or costume shop. See: “Choosing a Belly Dance Costume.

Group Halloween costume No. 3 – Business executives: You should be able to throw together these matching costumes without spending any money. Have everyone wear a dark business suit, white shirts and a red tie. You can have fancy name tags made if you like — and you can carry briefcases if you wish.

Group Halloween costume No. 4 – Blue Man Group: You can purchase the Blue Man Group masks online for less than $20 each. Besides that, you only need to wear black pants and turtle neck shirts and do weird random things. It might be fun to choreograph an act for some point during the party.

Group Halloween costume No. 5 – Cheerleaders: Your only must-have item for this group costume is pom poms. The rest of the costume can be as simple as white t-shirts and short denim jeans. If you want to get fancy, however, you can go as far as to purchase real cheerleader uniforms for around $50 each. Matching sweats will work well, too. Men, if you are really gutsy, you may want to try this costume option.

Group Halloween costume No. 6 – Sports team: Do you and your friends have a favorite sports team? If so, many of you may have jerseys for that team. Add the appropriate sports equipment, which most of you will probably also own, and you’ll have a complete team. If you and your friend root for opposing teams, another option is for each person to be their own favorite player. Your options are numerous from golf to basketball to hockey.

Group Halloween costume No. 7 – Bowling pins and ball: A fun costume for a group might be bowling pins and a ball. For the pins, you all need white pants and hooded sweatshirts. Put two red stripes around the neck area. The shortest person would probably be the ball (or whoever draws the short stick). For the ball costume, you can cut two large felt circles and attach them at the top (over the shoulders) and the sides (under the arms); add three smaller circles for the holes. These costumes can also be purchased online in vinyl.

Group Halloween costume No. 8 – Bridesmaids: Pick up matching dresses at a discount department store. You can pick up simple, inexpensive formals and matching shoes for less than $50 each. Add cheap bouquets, and you are an instant group of bridesmaids.

Group Halloween costume No. 9 – Choir: Choir robes can be pretty inexpensive, costing as little as $20 for simple graduation-type robes. (You can also go as a graduating class). If purchasing robes are out of the question, you can all wear black pants or skirts, matching shirts, scarves and ties with the same pattern.

Group Halloween costume No. 10 – Inmates: You can go with the clichÃ?©d striped pajamas if you can find them, or get matching one-piece jumpsuits. Do a search for “jailbird costumes” and you will find fun outfits for around $35 each.

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