10 Steps to Creating a Book Purse

This easy craft for recycling old books is very popular.

1. The first step is to gather up all the tools/supplies you’ll need to create this book purse.

-hardback book

-straight edge razor or X-acto knife

-clear, fast drying glue

-2 metal coat hangers

-a variety of beads

-wire cutters

-ruler/tape measure


2. The first step is to create the handles for your book purse. Do this by cutting away the bottom edge of your coat hangers. These can then be bent into a round, or triangular shape, to serve as your handles.

3. Next you can decorate your handles in any way you desire using the beads. You can use all the same color, or alternate colors to match the book. Before adding the beads to the metal, bend a small hook into the bottom of one side. This will prevent the beads from sliding off later.

4. Now its time to work on the book itself. If you’ve ever made a hollow book, you’ll not some similarities between the two projects. Lay the book on a flat surface, open to the first page and insert the bead decorated hangers into the middle of the book. Add a dab of glue, and firmly shut the book closed. You can place a weight on top of the book for added support.

5. Next you need to apply a coat of glue to the edges of the pages. Apply a heavy weight to the book, and let the glue dry. You should test it to see if the pages stick together, and if they don’t, add a second coat of glue and let sit again.

5. Now open to the first page. You will need to use your ruler and pencil to mark out a grid on the inside of the book. You want to cut out a section of the book completely, and give the purse a top. To do this, mark inside the book an edge of around 1-2″ depending on the size of your book.

6. Using your ruler as a guide, place it directly on the line you drew, and run the knife or razor blade along the edge to complete a smooth, clean line. Run the knife through a few pages at a time, and throw away the excess paper you remove.

7. Once you have a large, empty space in the book it’s time to clean up the inside. Run your knife or blade along the edges to clean out any excess paper, and to create more room inside your purse.

8. Now you will need to glue the cover of the book to the rest of the pages. Apply two thin sheets of glue to the interior of the book, and firmly press down the cover of the book. Once again you will need to place a heavy weight on top of the book, and let it sit for a few hours until the glue dries.

9. This is the perfect time to test the strength of your handles. Try lifting the bag a few times, and filling it with a few items to see if it can support the handles. If it doesn’t, you might want to consider adding a dab of glue to the handles, and using a hammer to pound the handles into the sides of the book.

10. The last thing you need to do is to clean out the purse, and wipe off the exterior. There may be glue, paper, or dust particles clinging to it. Now your new book purse is ready to go.

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