10 Tips for Conducting Successful Interviews

Every employer needs to know how to be successful when conducting interviews. This is important to know in order to determine which person is going to the best individual to hire to fill the job position. When a person is honest in the interview and has not lied on their application then they usually are an outstanding employee for your company.

1. Ask questions about any prior employment. You want to know how long the person worked with the previous employers and what job titles that they had. Never forget to ask about any gaps in employment. You need to make sure that the reasons given for any unemployment gaps are reasonable and isn’t a reflection of a lazy person.

2. Ask them if I were to call your previous employers what would he or she tell me about you. This will give you a clue whether or not they were a good employee and any problems that they have had. Be concerned about any smooth talkers that seem to have memorized a script.

3. Ask them about any past attendance problems. If they hesitate then be concerned since it usually implies that they are nervous. Sometimes they are trying to come up with a good cover up sentence when a person hesitates before they answer a question.

4. See if they are being honest with you in their answers. It is important to see how honest someone is. Sometimes people lie on their job applications or even resumes.

5. Make sure to always verify the information that they tell you. Ask a former employer or even a previous coworker some of the same questions that you have asked the employee.

6. Make sure to always check a reference in full detail. Keep in mind that some references people give you are fake. You can always make a few phone calls to verify information.

7. Always ask them if it is okay to do a background check and whether it is will be a problem or not. This is important since most individuals who have nothing to hide will have no problem with a background check and will actually feel better to know that the company does background checks of all sorts.

8. Pay attention to body language during an interview. Does the person seem a tad nervous? Does the person seem a little uncomfortable? Pay attention to any excessive sweating. It usually implies that they are rather uncomfortable with something. Perhaps they are just nervous, but be concerned.

9. If something on the job application or even in the interview does not add up then make sure to investigate it. You do not want to ignore any red flags that might come up.

10. Be concerned about any employment that seems a little unreal or odd. If the experience listed on the job application or resume doesn’t really add up with the persons age then ask a few questions to see their reaction since you will be able to tell if he or she is lying or not.

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