10 Tips for Making & Saving Money!

1. Clip coupons and use them! Make sure you stick to coupons for items you typically buy. Otherwise you’re just spending money to save on something that may go to waste.

2. Use your local bank’s ATM for cash withdrawals. Many banks will charge extra fees if you use an ATM that is not their own. These fees add up over time! Try to plan your withdrawals when you’re near your own bank’s ATM and save!

3. Sell on eBay or other auction sites. Not only can you make some extra cash, but you can declutter your home as well! Some people enjoy selling on eBay so much, they make that their living-hunting for great deals, then delivering them to consumers worldwide via the Internet.

4. Hold a garage sale. Like eBay, this will allow you to declutter and make some cash. Some items are easier to sell on the local level, such as furniture, clothing, heavier items that would cost a lot to ship, etc.

5. Review your credit card finance rates. Some cards have very high interest rates, over 20%. This costs you a good amount of money from each payment you make to your creditor. Shop around; there are many deals that offer 0% interest offers on balance transfers, and lower monthly rates for those who submit payments regularly and on time.

6. Are you crafty? Sell your items at a craft fair, bazaar or online! Nothing says “unique” better than a handcrafted original. Whether you crochet, make jewelry, paint or sew, there is an audience out there who will appreciate your items and want to buy them. A new website “Etsy” is like eBay, but offers free stores to crafters, and they only sell homemade items through their site. Visit them at www.etsy.com.

7. Recycle your used soda cans and bottles. Most supermarkets (in participating locations) offer recycling centers for plastic & aluminum containers. It doesn’t take long to bring a few bags with you during your next shopping excursion, and then process them to see how much money you’ve earned. You’ll be helping the environment and your bottom line when you go to pay the bill.

8. Take advantage of rebates! When making purchases, especially on electronics or appliances, be sure to ask if there are any rebates available. Sometimes you can even get the full amount of your purchase back. It takes a little time, organization and patience, but the value is well worth it!

9. Review your utilities & other bills. Often we are paying for services that we don’t need. For example, why pay a high cable TV bill if you hardly watch television? Or why run up the electric bill by having lights on all over the house, or running the A/C when it’s cooler in the evenings? Some companies offer discounts if you sign up for term contracts or incentive programs. Many offer guides to help you learn how to be more cost effective with your useâÂ?¦ just look on their website or call customer service for details.

10. Identify your strengths and turn them into money! Perhaps you love children and have some spare time to baby-sit? Or maybe you like calligraphy and could offer your services to do invitations for special events? Do you enjoy cleaning? There are many busy people who don’t have time to maintain their homes & offices, and would love to have someone reliable to turn to. The opportunities are limitlessâÂ?¦ you just have to identify them.

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