10 Tips on How to Childproof Your Home Office

It may be difficult sometimes to always childproof your home office due to a stressful busy workload at times. Here are ten tips on how to childproof your home office.

1. You can always put the staplers and other office equipment in a certain childproof drawer in the desk so the child can’t get hurt or make a mess with the equipment. It is a good idea to keep those type of things out of reach.

2. Put the keyboard away somewhere that the child can’t get to it when you are taking a break from working. This way he or she can’t type non sense words or hit a wrong key that messes up the project that you were working on. A wireless keyword might be a good idea so you don’t have to disconnect it from the computer each time you want to take a break from working.

3. You can put a lid on all drinks in the office. This will help keep the child from spilling any liquids on the desk or any important office equipment such as your computer. This is a good idea since it will help reduce the amount of spills that occur. It is a good idea to keep like plastic bottles with a cap on the bottles stored in your office.

4. Keep important papers along with any other paperwork stored and filed away in a desk drawer somewhere or even a file cabinet. Children won’t be able to mess up your paperwork since it won’t be piled all over your desk. It will help keep you organized at the same time too.

5. You can even get a drawer that requires a key for it to be opened. The same is available with file cabinets. This will help make sure that the children won’t spill any drinks or leave sticky candy on any important papers.

6. If you have a coffeemaker in your office then make sure to put it on a top shelf when you are done with it for the day. The child won’t get burnt by it and you don’t have to worry about them playing with the coffee maker.

7. Make sure to have a back up on your computer just in case the child turns off your computer. Another option though you can always make it so your computer won’t turn on unless it has key inserted into the key slot. Some computers have this option available on business computers. This will help reduce the amount of lost work or people messing it up.

8. Keep paperclips and letter openers away from the child by putting them in a drawer or a plastic container on your desk. This a great method to keep them from hurting themselves.

9. Make sure to keep away any printer ink away from the child. You don’t want to deal with a huge ink mess! You can put the printer ink on the top shelf so the child can’t reach it.

10. Put on the top shelf any white out and any color markers on a top shelf or locked drawer too. This will prevent any big messes from happening

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