10 Tips on How to Get a Great Rental Car Deal

1. Compare prices with other car rental places in the area. You need to check around to find the best deal. Remember to check around on the Internet for excellent prices too. Many times getting a car rental with a vacation package included too is the best deal sometimes.

2. You can negotiate a lower price on a rental car during a slow time. The car rental companies would rather make some money even though its a little bit than nothing at all since some cars are just sitting there.

3. Ask for a discount if you rent a car that hasn’t had a chance to be cleaned yet from the prior rental. This is another way to get more of a discount if you don’t mind renting a somewhat unclean car.

4. Split the cost of a rental car with a friend. This is another great method to save additional money since your friend would be glad to save money also. Rental cars are cheaper rent for more than one day usually. You can find excellent weekend deals usually.

5. Reserve the car rental in advance. You will get a much better deal when make a reservation in advance for a rental car. You want to get the cheaper type of car rental to save additional money.

6. You can look for coupons to save even more money. This is another great method to get a cheaper rate. You just need to look around for some coupons.

7. Depending upon how long you need a rental car then make sure to see if it cheaper to rent a small car for a week or so than a big SUV for the weekend. You need to compare rates that way too. You can find out the best deal by talking to the car rental agent in regards to getting the most for your money on a rental car.

8. Get unlimited mileage. You want to pay the extra fee to get unlimited mileage so you don’t have to worry about paying a ton of fees if you drive over the limited miles. It is nice to be able to stop by a extra place when on a vacation without having to worry about the miles.

9. You can even save more money if you rent a car that hasn’t been filled up with a full tank of gas yet. You can get a discount if it has already been filled up with a gas and the car hasn’t been professionally cleaned yet. The rental car places charge too much extra cost for gas anyways.

10. If you are really low on cash or don’t want to spend much money on a rental car then try to get a little car that only has two doors. It is smaller than a compact car. It will get better gas mileage and it will be much cheaper each day for the rental car.

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