10 Tips on Keeping Your Teenage Daughters Safe from Harm

Every teenager daughter needs to know how to keep herself safe. Each teenager daughter needs their parents need to watch out over them. The parents need keep their daughters informed of dangerous situations that they shouldn’t get themselves into.

1. Explain to your teen daughter why it isn’t a good idea to go to any parties that have alcohol there. You want to explain to her the risks and things that might happen when being around alcohol. You want to let her know why she shouldn’t be around those type of parties.

2. Tell her that most men will say anything to try to get a young girl to have sex with them. Explain to your daughter that they shouldn’t have sex at a young age with an older man since the men usually just want to take advantage of a young girl.

3. Warn your daughter about drugs such as the date rape drug. Explain to her that some bad men put drugs into girls’ drinks sometimes at parties or even at dinner. Tell her what the date rape drug does and warn her about it. Tell her to never leave any drinks alone out of her sight. Tell her to be careful of any drinks that are poured into a glass cup since somebody could have slipped something in it without her knowing.

4. Talk to her about creepy behavior. Explain to her that to always listen to the little voice that tells her to stay away from bad people. If gets worried or uncomfortable around someone then tell her to trust her instinct and to leave the situation immediately.

5. Tell her to not be alone with men in any situation. Explain to her the danger of what can happen when she is alone with a male. Tell her how some men will often lie to get whatever they want.

6. Tell her that she is always welcome to talk to you about any concerns that she may have. This is important for her to know that she can talks to about anything that bugs her.

7. Explain to your daughter the importance of dressing modest when going out in public. Tell her it is important for her to wear appropriate clothes all the time. Explain to her any rules that you may have regarding clothes.

8. Explain to your daughter the importance of making sure that you know where she is at in regards to school events or even out with friends. Make sure that she knows that she needs to be honest with you just in case she ever gets into a bad situation that you can come get her out of it.

9. Make sure that your daughter always has enough money in her purse to get a ride home if she ever feels uncomfortable being with someone else. This is important so that she isn’t in a dangerous situation.

10. Make sure that your daughter always has a cell phone with her when she is going out somewhere. You need to make it easy for her to call you at anytime just in case she needs you.

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