10 Tips to Help Stretch Your Trave lMoneyWhile on a Budget

It is possible to stretch your travel dollars while on a budget. It takes a little time and being prepared to reduce the amount of money than you would normally spend. Here are ten tips to help stretch your travel dollars while on a budget.

1. Buy food from the grocery store instead of eating at restaurants. You will be quite surprised at how much money that you will save. It is important that you get a hotel room that has a kitchen in it unless you want to eat cold food during the travel time.

2. It is cheaper do some activities during the day instead of at night time. Check the local guide in the area of your travels to find out when the cheaper events are. You can save quite a bit off the price when attending the activity during the cheapest time.

3. If you frequent the travel place quite a bit during the year then it might be cheaper to buy a annual pass each year to an amusement park or other place instead of buying one day passes. Look into other options of different passes to see which is more reasonable priced.

4. Visit the place during the slow season. Most prices will usually be half of the amount in the slow season since businesses would rather get some customers instead of nothing at all. Check out the prices for each season to see which is cheaper.

5. Stay at friends or relatives house if possible. Unless you can good rate on a hotel during the travel time then it might be cheaper to stay at a friends house or relatives house. Look into all options to see which is cheapest.

6. Book in advance for tickets to a play, yearly event, or airplane tickets. This will save a large amount of money on airplane tickets. It is cheaper to fly on the airplane in the night instead of during day.

7. Try to use public transportation during your travels. It is much cheaper to use public transportation instead of renting a car. Unless you can get a good rate for the entire trip then use public transportation instead when possible.

8. If you decide to eat at a restaurant then eat at the place when it is cheaper during the day such as the lunch menu instead of dinner. Lunch prices are usually more reasonable priced than dinner is at expensive restaurants.

9. Bring a water bottle with you with some ice when traveling during day. It is save you money since you won’t have to buy expensive drinks. You can a lemon to the water to make it taste more better and the ice will keep it cold for a little while at least.

10. Bring a friend with you to help split the costs of the trip. This is another way to make the trip even cheaper for you. It is a good idea to bring one of your friends that is interested in saving money during the travel too.

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