10 Food Etiquettes You Should Know While Travelling

Every culture has its own rules, regulations and etiquettes and if you are on the road, you need to respect that. You might eventually encounter a cultural shock if you are not able to comply with all these etiquettes which you might face during this time. Even if you can’t remember them all, you can definitely remember the ones which might eventually cause trouble for you. For instance, pointing chopsticks at a person in China means serious insult.

Here is a list of food etiquettes that you should know before you plan to go abroad. Try to keep most of these in mind if you are planning to go to one of these countries.


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    In Portugal, you are not supposed to ask for salt and pepper while you are eating. This means that you are actually insulting the chef’s seasoning abilities.

    Salt and pepper
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    You cannot ask for extra cheese in anything once you are in Italy. They believe that the chef knows the correct amount of cheese which should be eaten with whatever he has made. So asking for extra cheese is an insult.

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    If you are in England, you are required to even eat a banana with a fork and a knife.

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    If you are a punctual person, you need to forget that in Tanzania. If you reach on time for dinner, it is considered to be rude. You should at least be 15 to 30 minutes late.

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    If you do not shake your cup after you are finished drinking coffee in Bedouin, they keep on pouring more.

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    In Chile you cannot eat anything with your hands; not even a fully boiled egg.

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    If you like the food in China, you must burp at the table in order to appreciate it.

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    You are not allowed to pass food with the help of chopsticks in Japan. It’s because they have a tradition to pass bones at a funeral with the help of chopsticks.

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    In Saudi Arab, you cannot eat with your left hand. It’s because they use their left hands to clean themselves in toilets.

    toilet paper
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    You are not required to use the fork to eat in Thailand. The fork can only be used to direct the food on to your spoon which later goes in your mouth so that you can eat.


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