10 Ways To Increase Your IQ

Scientists tell us that we are only using about 20% of our intelligence capacity and even then most of us rarely max out a full 20%. With the staggering amount of distractions available in the modern world from our favorite television shows, social media to the mundane grinds of daily living it is no wonder we can barely focus to properly train our minds on worthwhile pursuits.

Intelligence is something that is not only genetically based but something that can also be worked upon. So how does one begin in the journey to increase your IQ? It all starts with focus and that means cutting down on a lot of distractions, read on for more details;



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    Do Something Mentally Different

    To increase intelligence capacity, one has to train the brain on other forms of information instead of one particular area. For example; engaging in puzzles and games that encourage huge amounts of mental activity. A constant involvement in thought provoking activities can help in mental increase.

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    Spend Quality Time Offline

    Most times, our gadgets tend to be a huge distraction when it is on, from constant phone calls, to endless texts, plus the social media frenzy adds up to the issue. To increase mental capacity, switch of those tiny distractions and focus on other issues around.

    It would be surprising to note that when one switches of their phones or laptops they tend to understand the little things that is around them that causes change.

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    It has being scientifically proven that people can increase their intelligence capacity through the influence surrounding them. When one is at an event with people, they are forced to speak and through that interaction compelled to add their quota, knowing that whatever they say is being devoured by others in that circle, their answers to the discussion at hand would prompt for accuracy. Also it encourages one to think on their feet and respond quickly to the discussion at hand. This can happen in stimulating conversations or debates. It is very important to socialize and be in an environment that would help you in the journey of increasing intelligence.

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    Find Your Passion

    Passion invokes intelligence. If you like something, you would look for a million ways to generate what you love to fit into whatever tight time or schedule you have, and in the process of looking for ways to fit into your time, you are forced to think, to use your brain articulate areas for your passion and also on how to better yourself in that passion of yours.

    For example; tango dancing, to be able to perfect it because you love dancing, you would look for ways to fit it into your schedule and also ways to be able to dace better than your peers, more tricks and more stylish movements, not only are you perfecting your skill, you are constantly using your brain to project dance steps and this helps the brain.

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    Learn to Look For Patterns

    Another factor that helps in the increasing of intelligence is to look for patterns. Smart people look for patterns,  that is how they can be steps ahead of others without other people knowing. To be able to  understand how the world work and how to know what is the next step to take or how people are work. Patterns are what FBI’s used to check on criminals, same with agents, police, lawyers etc, even In business. To have better work habits, look at the behavioral pattern of your attitude or others and see how you can change it from there. This technique applies to everything else from one’s business, to social lives and even relationships.

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    Always Raise An Eyebrow

    To understand another basic concept is to not see things as they seem. This is one of the trick to attaining a step in growing in intelligence. This technique is done by questioning everything one sees, finding an alternative to everything that comes one’s way. There should be  a how, why and when, when it comes to this level. One should not take issues on surface levels but to question it all.

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    This is another factor to help in increasing one’s mental capacity. The more books you read, the better your vocabulary and your thinking capacity and how well you can understand the book or what the author is trying to say. These books should involve inspiring, educating, and also thought provoking books as well.

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    Learn an Instrument

    Instruments are known to help one in thinking well. For example; learning to play the piano can help one in knowing how to use their brain in playing which key is suited best for the song. Music is very technical, knowing how to use notes and connect them into song or a symphony is one way to increase the intellect. With dedication and concentration, it is achievable.

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    Thought Provoking Films

    There are movies that can help an individual keep one in suspense and make them think and then give the most abrupt ending, so unexpected that would shock the viewer and cause one to think on why the director or the author of that story wanted it to end that way, this will cause you to see the different reasons that cause the story to end in such a way, instead of a movie that ends with a “happily ever after”. Documentaries help as they are educating and give very detailed information about a thing.

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    Practice being intelligent is something one would wonder on how it should be done. All this can be broken down in steps. Starting from one’s habits of how they work, talk, or  act in front of others and then change them and start acting intelligently among your peers, by speaking appropriately at all times, instead of using “careless” words, project polite words, ask and contribute intelligent question( this must have been thought carefully before asking), check your work pattern habits, they could lead to how everything in your life is not acting out in the way it supposed to be, that is , rise early, focus on your work plan, do not be distracted, politely tell your colleague or partner that they should hold on as you need to finish up. Do things that you wouldn’t do, things that you see as hard and focus on them and work on yourself. Research more to help you better yourself.

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