12-Point Palatino

12 Point Palatino

Working at the keyboard, anticipating your call,
Knowing you return voice messages promptly
Worrying you’ll think me invasive
And ask me to leave you alone to live your life.

I call infrequently, wanting to keep your friendship
And, perhaps oversensitive to my desire for a deeper communion
I’m concerned that you fall so frequently into depression.
How can you build the life you say you want in such a mood?

How can I support you gently?
How can I love you appropriately?

Thinking of the sadness you carry
The sense unworthiness you feel at times
I grieve for your pain and feel most alone
At the knowing of it.

All the while loving you
Heart filled to the brim with you
Writing my feelings in 12-point Palatino.
Grateful for the chance to feel this way again,

To be this alive, this aware
To ride this edge and find creativity here
Typing the songs of my heart
In Microsoft Wordlets written in light.

I remain in Love
What else is there?


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