12 Ways to Know If Parenthood is the Right Direction for Your Relationship

Parenting is the hardest job that you will ever face in your life. It is something that deserves alot of thinking over and evaluating. To want to be a parent should be decided based on unselfish reasons and not for a self gain. Many people that are in a relationship that is failing may believe that a baby is the answer. Well Im here to say that is not. It will just bring more pain and sorrow to all especially to the one who didnt ask to be here, the child. You need to think about this no matter if you are a woman thinking about aborition to the woman who has been trying to have a baby for years in a relationship. I have tweleve ways to know if parenthood is right for your relationship.

Those 12 ways are :
1. You are in a stable healthy relationship.

2. Both you and your partner wants to have a baby.

3. You have realistic views on how a baby may act when it arrives.

4. When you and your partner talk about children , it sounds as if you aready have some.

5. When you think of a baby as a part of you and your partner instead of just thinking it’s cute.

6. You and your partner have similiar views on raising children.

7. You or your partner do not have any addictions to drugs or other substances.

8. You are healthy and keep yourself well even if you have a long term illness like asthma.

9. Both of you are willing to put the baby’s need before yours.

10. You fully understand that babies need emotional and finiacial care.

11. You and your partner knows that you will be responsible for another human being for the next 18 years or so.

12. You know that neither you or your partner is not going to know everything about parenting.

I hope these ideas make you think before trying to have a baby or give up your child whether through abortion or adoption. There are too many children out there that are paying for the mistakes of their parents. Being a parent is the greatest gift that you can given. It should be thought out and discussed about. A child brought into this world deserves parents that love him or her and was concieved in love.

A child should not be used to punish one or the other. It should not be concieved from a one night stand or one night mistake. A child doesnt deserve to used and hurt like that. To decide on when to become a parent shouldnt really have to alot of thought when you are in the right situation. I believe that you should know when it is right for you. Potential parenthood should be given real time and consideration. It is one decision that will change your life and everyone around for a lifetime.

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