13 Budget-Friendly Home Improvement Projects

Home improvement projects can increase your home’s value, as well as make it a more enjoyable and personal space for you and your family. But when budgets are tight and money is short, home improvement may seem like an unnecessary expense. With these 13 budget friendly home improvements you can be sure you’ll spend less to make your home worth more.

  • 1. Kitchen Tile Backsplash- This budget friendly home improvement project is easy to install on your own and instantly personalizes any kitchen space.
  • 2. Engineered Wood Flooring- For less than $1.25 per square foot, you can install engineered wood flooring into any room in your home.
  • 3. Painting- Interior designers use paint as a cost effective way to change the look and feel of any room or space.
  • 4. Landscaping- Cost effective home improvement strategies that involve landscaping options are sure to increase curb appeal and homes value.
  • 5. Shutters- Save money on heating and cooling costs by installing interior window shutters. They also have an aesthetic quality that will increase your home’s value.
  • 6. Concrete Floor Stain- Transform decks, patios and garage floors into a brand new showroom quality floor overnight with this paint-on flooring solution.
  • 7. Cabinet Refinishing- New cabinets can cost a fortune. Have your old cabinets refaced for a fraction of the cost for the exact same effect.
  • 8. Front Entry Hardware- The front door of your home holds plenty of curb appeal. Increase its potential value by installing new door handles, hinges and house numbers for a cost effective home improvement strategy.
  • 9. Under Cabinet Lights- Under cabinet lighting can increase productivity and accent counter spaces without compromising your budget.
  • 10. Rescreening- New screens are an easy DIY home improvement project that can increase your homes curb appeal by changing out raggedy screens for new and neat window or pool enclosure screens.
  • 11. Concrete Pavers- Installation is easy and costs are low to install your own sidewalk, patio or pool deck using concrete pavers.
  • 12. Crown Molding- A very inexpensive yet elegant home improvement project; crown molding is sure to increase your home’s value without costing you a fortune.
  • 13. Solar Powered Security Lighting- Light you entire backyard for free and increase overall curb appeal. These lights will pay for themselves in no time at all!

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