13 Intriguing Capsulized News Items

This Week’s “Realm of Bizarre News” Top 13!

-2 healers near Calcutta, India have been practicing
ghost therapy, invoking phantoms to effect
cures…while doctors are, of course, dubious, many of
their patients have reported miraculous cures!

Trivia Q: Which celebrated Hindu deity is depicted as
having blue skin? (answer below)

-Alert! New study from Bristol University in England
has found that birds prefer to bomb white cars,
avoiding navy blue and black vehicles!

-Latest Jack the Ripper theory: He was a merchant
seaman whose killing spree ended in White Chapel when
his ship pulled out…as evidence, a similar homicidal
wave involving 6 women mutilated Ripper-style in
Nicaragua occurred just 2 months later, followed by a
later one in Germany!

-Human immortality is one step closer with the
successful revivification of “zombie” dogs who have
been kept in cryonic suspension at Pittsburgh’s Safar
Center for hours at a time!

-Female smuggler nabbed entering Melbourne, Australia
with 51, yes, 51 tropical fish hidden beneath her
skirt in 15 plastic water-filled bags!

-Surprise! 1/3 of T.Rex specimens found to have had
rotting jaws and cancerous tumors by palenotologists
at the University of Queensland!

-Millions of buzzing flies have invaded the Russian
village of Polevoy, driving out the residents…they
emerged from several tons of chicken manure on a local

-What a man! Tim Strong of Tyrone Township,Michigan,
regularly cleans up roadkill free of charge!

-Amazing! A Hong Kong granny, 78, fell from her 4th
floor apartment onto another granny, 85, on the street
below, but neither sustained any serious injuries!

-New study from Exeter, England, indicates that
snoring can be cured by practicing singing!

-Doofus of the week: Young man in Thailand was
infuriated that his sister would not repay him $10 she
owed him, so he locked himself in his room, sealed his
nose and mouth with super glue, and suffocated to
death! (I could understand reacting this way over $20,
or even $15, but not a measly $10)

-Chinese guy pulled a car with a rope attached to his
ears…while he stood on eggs!

-Dutch surgeon was caught taking home flesh samples
from his patients to train his pooches to be rescue

(Trivia answer: Krishna is the Hindu god depicted as

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