15 Everyday Uses for Dryer Sheets

Did you know that dryer sheets have more everyday uses than just keeping the static cling off your clothes in the dryer? Here is a list of 15 things you can do with your new and used dryer sheets.

Scented fabric softener sheets (also known as dryer sheets) are great at acting like an air freshener. Just like they make your clothes smell fresh, they can make other things smell fresh as well. One of my favorite places to put a dryer sheet is in the bag of my vacuum. Every time I run the vacuum, I smell the fresh scent of the dryer sheet. However, you should replace it after every couple runs, or each time you change the bag.

Another great place to put dryer sheets is on your A/C vents. Each time your furnace or A/C kicks on, you’ll smell the fresh aroma of the dryer sheet. It smells especially good if you use the good smelling sheets, and any brand will do, whether it’s Bounce, Snuggle, Arm and Hammer, etc.

Dryer sheets are perfect for keeping the musty smell out of stored luggage, sleeping bags, winter clothes, bedding, books that don’t get read often and more. You could use a new or a used dryer sheet for this, and all you need to do is tuck away a sheet with any of your stored items, and you’ll be sure to open up a fresh smelling box of winter clothes next winter season.

Keep a new dryer sheet under the seat of your car. This is cheaper than buying one of those expensive car air fresheners, and it seems to last longer too.

A smart way to keep the stench out of shoes is to put a dryer sheet in them and let it sit overnight. In the morning, your shoes will be deodorized and ready for wear.

Put a dryer sheet at the bottom of your garbage can to keep the smelliness away. You can put a new one in each time you change the garbage bag.

Besides the freshening advantages, dryer sheets are good at being repellents. Tape a sheet to the inside top of your mailbox, and it will repel insects and birds from coming in. You’ll no longer have to worry about birds building nests inside your mailbox.

Insects don’t like dryer sheets, so anywhere you don’t want bugs, hang a dryer sheet. This is a great idea especially if you are having a cook out or an outdoor party. The dryer sheet will keep the mosquitoes, flies and bees away from you and your guests. It works like a citronella candle, but it’s a little cheaper.

Dryer sheets are meant to keep the static cling off of your clothes, but they are also good at keeping the static out of your hair. If you have staticky or frizzy hair, try rubbing a sheet over your hair and the static will go away.

Use a dryer sheet to collect pet hair. Cat and dog hair can get everywhere, especially on a cloth couch. Rub the area with a dryer sheet, and the magnetic charge will pull the hair off of the surface with ease.

With a dryer sheet, you will be able to wipe up sawdust with no problem. You don’t have to use a brand new sheet; a used one will work fine. It will collect sawdust like a tack cloth.

Dryer sheets work wonders on paint brushes. After using a brush to paint, drop it in a container full of hot water, then add a dryer sheet. Let the brush sit overnight, then in the morning, the paint will easily come off the brush and you’ll be able to store it without worrying about the paint drying up on it.

I love using dryer sheets in place of a duster, especially on my TV screen and my laptop screen. It’s also great to use when dusting blinds. The best way to keep your surfaces dust free is to use a Swiffer duster, or similar duster, then wipe the surface over again with a dryer sheet. This keeps the static electricity away, and also prevents the dust from resettling.

A dryer sheet is also good at dissolving soap scum off your shower doors and tile walls. Try this tip next time you clean your bathroom.

Fabric softener sheets can be used to clean baked on foods from dirty pots or pans. Just place a sheet in the dirty pan, fill it with hot water and let it sit overnight. Next morning, wash the pan with soap and water. The stuck on food will come right off. The antistatic agent in the sheet weakens the bond between the stuck on food and the surface of the pots and pans. The fabric softening agents help to soften the baked on food.

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