2-Story Building Built in 12 Hours

At 7 am the whistle blew, and 200 work men and 20 contractors converged on 1527 e main st in El Cajon, CA, To build a children’s center for the Family Restoration project an extension of Set Free Ministries and in association with Urban ministries.” It was totally amazing said Denise Valiance” the Coordinator for the F.R.P. , “we have been praying for a year for this building and now it has been built ” said Denise. The building was erected from start to finish in only 12 hours, they worked in well planned shifts, the building its self is 1200 sq. ft. the top floor has 3 small offices for counseling with a large open area to be utilized by set free ministry workers, the down stairs is wide open with 2 restrooms to be set up by Nov 1st for the F.R.P. child care and and after school club for the Ministry kids.

Many company’s were involved in this project, the main contributor was the Hammond Properties Management company.
Pasr Harold Brown was noted as Saying ” Never in the 14 years of Ministry have I ever seen so many construction workers come together to work and not one word of profanity was spoken this day, only God could have done this”.
This truly was a sight to behold here for this writer, I will remember this for the rest of my days.

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