20 Ways to Comfort a Crying Baby

MOTION: babies love a soothing and monotonous motion.

1. Rocking chairs have the advantage of being soothing to both the parent and the baby at the same time.
2. Carriage or buggy rides either outside or just around the house.
3. Automatic baby swings is comforting to many babies, but never leave them unattended.
4. Car rides can often be soothing, but be sure to use an approved car seat for baby.

RHYTHM or SOUND: babies love a soothing sound or repetively patterned sound.

5. Sometimes more noise, rather than less noise, soothes a fussy baby. Try turning on a radio or the television.
6. Wind chimes and musical mobiles or toys can often be a comfort.
7. Sing to the infant or play an instrument. You don’t have to be perfect, they just like the sound and attention.
8. For some unknown reason the sound of a vacuum cleaner has comforted many babies. Turn it on and vacuum your floor whether it needs it or not.

FREEDOM or RESTRAINT of MOVEMENT: Each baby is different. Some may like to be free, some need to feel swaddled. It all depends on their comfort level.

9. Let baby roll or crawl around with all their clothes off (indoors, of course).. Simply having freedom to move about with no restrictive barriers or clothing is comforting.
10. Some babies rebel against too much freedom and may want to be swaddled snugly in a blanket. Do not ever cover baby’s face.
11. Most babies love baths. Keep the water at only an inch in the tub or sink. Let them splash and play. If your baby seems to dislike the water they may not like the freedom. Try keeping them in a diaper or wrapped in a towel until they get used to the water.

CHANGING POSITION: babies get tired of being in the same postion for very long and seeing the same things.

12. Turn the baby over or prop them up in their infant swing or seat. Move baby to another room.
13. Colicky babies iften seem to be more comfortable on their stomachs. Try laying baby acorss your knees and gently patting or rubbing their back.
14. Some babies seem to enjoy laying on a hot water bottle. Make sure the temperature is comfortable to the side of your wrist to ensure baby does not get burned.

HELP an OVER-STIMULATED BABY: being over-stimulated can make anyone edgey and nervous and babies have no way to relieve the stimulation themselves.

15. When an infant is tired try not to bounce baby or jostle them in a way that will add to the fatigue.
16. If baby is asleep and wakes up try to keep any interaction or stimulation to a minimum so he or she does not get wound up again.
17. Rocking, walking, or feeding baby in a dark room may help them unwind (there is less visual stimulation in a dark room).
18. Swaddling an over-stimulated baby often helps.
19. Back rubbing is always comforting. Try laying baby across your knees rub their back.
20. Hold the baby’s bottom firmly in one hand, let them snuggle on your chest and pat their back.

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