2001 Honda Civic LX Coupe Review

The 2001 Honda Civic LX coupe is a formidable compact car that can successfully serve commuters, singles, and couples. The small size and nimble nature of this vehicle help to make it easy to drive, and its superb history of reliability makes it ideal for use as an only vehicle.

While the trim level and body style of the Civic LX coupe differentiate it somewhat from other models in the Civic line, it shares many of the same strong points as its brothers on the assembly line. Its engine is smooth, high revving, and adequately powerful, handling is natural and enjoyable, and the suspension is taught and feels solid. All Hondas have excellent interior materials and superior ergonomics, and the 2001 Civic is no different.

The Civic LX is positioned above the DX and HX and below EX in feature content, meaning it is neither the least expensive nor most expensive Civic available. It has EPA mileage estimates of 32 miles per gallon city driving and 39 miles per gallon on the highway with a manual transmission.

Honda Civics have always been a favorite car for young people, small families, and commuters due to their reliability, high build quality, and resale value. The 2001 LX coupe continues the tradition of holding its value and enduring plenty of hard use without any breakdowns or malfunctions, although the 2001-2005 Civics were never as popular with the underground racing community as its predecessor.

The 2001 Civic LX coupe has a 1.7 Liter four cylinder engine and either a five speed manual transmission or an automatic gearbox. Standard equipment includes air conditioning, power steering, power windows, power door locks, a tilt steering wheel, cruise control, an AM/FM/Cassette stereo system, and dual front air bags.

The Kelly Blue Book value of a typical Civic LX coupe in excellent condition on sale in a dealer lot is $10,250. Such a vehicle would have traveled for approximately 66,000 miles, and this is the average mileage for 2001 Honda Civic LX coupes according to the Kelly Blue Book.

I purchased my 2001 Honda Civic LX coupe in the fall of 2004 with approximately 77,000 miles on the odometer. Seeing that the car had averaged over 25,000 miles of driving a year, I was surprised to find no rattles or squeaks in the suspension or frame and discovered that the vehicle performed admirably in all regards. While the tires may be slightly worn and sometimes lack grip, this is the only sign of wear I have noticed in the vehicle.

Inside the car, the ergonomics of my Civic have always pleased me, and it seems that any button or switch that I ever needed is exactly where I would expect it to be located. Defrosters, headlights, and windshield wipers are all easy to operate, and the controls have a quality feel that I did not expect from a used economy car. The only shortcoming I can report in the interior quality is a peculiar propensity the side door panels have for moving slightly when I operate the power windows. It is the only oddity which detracts from what is an otherwise incredibly polished interior.

My favorite part about my Civic is the engine, however. Since it is a four cylinder engine, it does not provide the driver with the quietest or deepest sounds. However, its noise is limited in comparison to many economy cars, and I believe that the sound of its work is quite pleasing overall. It provides power which is more than adequate for moving the vehicle. While it does not provide the power of a muscle car, I have never found myself needing more acceleration on the highway or in town driving than the car can provide. Delivery is smooth and quick, and after driving my car I immediately understood why Honda is renowned for building excellent engines.

Since I cannot drive a manual transmission, my Civic is equipped with an automatic. I have always found downshifts to be well timed, providing power when I need it. I cannot complain about the quality of the Automatic transmission, and I understand that Honda is known for building quality manual gearboxes if you choose to move the cogs yourself.

I have observed a commendable fuel efficiency of about 25 miles per gallon in mostly town driving. On occasion I have pushed the fuel economy to around 30 miles per gallon when I was consciously driving to increase my gas mileage. On the highway, I have always witnessed performance of 30 miles per gallon or higher. While these numbers are slightly lower than the EPA ratings, I have been known to be a bit of a jackrabbit driver, which slashes fuel economy.

In daily use, the Civic LX has several strong points. For a small two door coupe, it has a spacious interior. I stand at six feet, four inches tall, and am comfortable driving with the seat pushed all the way back. Additionally, there is a very large trunk, which I have never been able to completely fill. Finally, the car is simply a pleasure to drive. I always enjoy driving small cars, but the Civic is both fun and easy to drive.

As with any small car, there are disadvantages to owning a Civic. One such problem is a lack of grip due to the car’s light weight. While a low weight allows the Civic to deliver good fuel efficiency, it damages the vehicle’s ability to drive in winter weather. One must be careful when accelerating to keep the front wheels from spinning when there is snow, ice, or even rain on the road. Also, the Civic has a very low driving position, which can make backing out of parking spaces or driving on the highway difficult. If you prefer a high car to aid your driving vision, the Civic is not a good choice.

Of course, as it is with any two door car, it is not easy to access the rear seat of the 2001 Civic LX coupe. Only the passenger’s seat is equipped with a single handle for moving the seat forward and tilting its back downward, so one must perform those moves separately if allowing a passenger into the rear from the driver’s side. Once in the back, the area is livable, however. Legroom is adequate if not comfortable, and I have seen coupes with much less headroom. Also, there is a good amount of lateral space. I have even transported four friends while driving, although I would not expressly recommend shoehorning three into the back seat.

I have never had to take my car into the auto shop for any repairs other than a yearly inspection and oil change, and it has proved to be the image of reliability. I can report no trouble starting the vehicle or any hiccups in running it. Every amenity has always worked perfectly.

I would recommend the 2001 Civic LX coupe for individuals who are searching for a reliable used car to transport one or two people consistently while retaining the option to occasionally ferry three or four individuals. If you are planning on using the car to move a couple of kids, I would suggest opting for the four dour model, and if you want more interior space or engine power than the Civic offers, look into a different vehicle class. I would also recommend that elder individuals shy away from the Civic line in general. It is a low car, and my grandmother has had some difficulty entering and exiting it in the past.

Overall, the 2001 Honda Civic LX coupe is a competent compact car that will serve the needs of anyone shopping for a used small vehicle. It has good gas mileage, excellent resale value, a great interior and engine, and a well-earned reputation for reliability. Despite its few shortcomings, the vehicle earns an 8.5 out of 10 as a refined economy car.

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