2008 Home Trends: Green is In, Wood Stains Are Out

2008 home trends will see homeowners going green to save green, according to Ann Mack, director of trendspotting at JWT, a New York advertising firm.

Financial incentives, the way we interact with technology and the desire for a fresh new look will be the catalyst for the 2008 home trend of going green with our home decor.

Major banks across the nation are offering energy efficient mortgages at lower interest rates for home owners following the home trend of installing solar panels to provide some, or all of, the home’s energy usage needs.

The way we interact with technology has set the stage for the interior home trend of cleaner lines, less clutter. Over sized, wood stained TV armoires, once a desired piece of furniture, are out. Flat panel, space saving TV’s are in.

Michelle Lamb, chairman of Minneapolis based Marketing Directions, predicted the demise of the large, wood stained TV armoires nearly three years ago on her trend spotting blog, michellelamb.typepad.com . Lamb predicts the next piece of furniture to become obsolete will be the desk, since our interaction with technology has changed, we no longer need the dark, wood stained desks for our home PC’s, the trend is going for the use of laptop computers. Lamb also notes the 2008 home trend is moving away from any piece of furniture that has a dark, wood stained finish. Homeowners are going with greener wood choices, opting for lighter natural finishes and dramatic wood grain patterns.

There is a surge in popularity for the ultra-low-flush toilets, driven by customers who are interested in green building and remodeling. In kitchens, the industrial look is out, the 2008 home trend is for the room to be less kitchen-looking, and more furniture-looking, sticking with clean lines, with the use of green, natural woods.

Interior designer Ben Sandermeier says interior home trends are for a fresher, less fussy look. Customers of his High Cotton Home Furnishings store in Kansas City want natural, greener looks in furniture; lamps with almost raw wood finishes and natural paper shades are part of the home trend for a green, natural interior. Grass cloth and organic green textures in wall coverings, along with Benjamin Moore’s environmentally friendly paints are in. Sandermeier says that the Benjamin Moore’s environmentally friendly paints are at the top of his ‘in’ list for 2008, with the trend for faux painting on it’s way out.

Greener and leaner for home interiors is the home trend for 2008, the rule of thumb is; green is in, wood stains are out.

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