2012 London Olympics Start Today

Friday 27th of July 2012 is the date decided for the Opening Ceremony of the 30th Olympiad. This highly anticipated sport program is not only being cherished by Londoners, but whole world is looking forward to enjoy the lavish procedure of inaugurating the event and welcoming the participants, who have arrived from all over the globe.

Thousands of people are involved in presenting a salutation to this prestigious event that has already grabbed a good amount of attention.

Since 1896 this significant event of sports has been staged in various countries, auspiciously London will be hosting this event for the fourth time this year. Although, all events of Olympics are awe-inspiring and thrilling, still the opening and closing ceremony are the most projected events.

Within few hours the enchanting opening ceremony will welcome the world. The excitement for this enormous event was judged during the torch bearing journey; hundreds of people use to stood across the roads to cheer up the torch bearers.

Although the mystery still surrounds who will be given the honor to light the Olympic flame tonight, rumors have touted Queen, Daley Thompson, Sir Roger Bannister, Sir Steve Redgrave, and David Beckham as the contenders. The secret is not yet revealed.

If you are still not aware of the excited shows and event that are lined up for you this summer then take a look at the list cited below:


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    Opening Ceremony of Olympics 2012:

    On the 27th of July 2012 the London city, capital of United Kingdom will sparkle with fireworks and fill with amusing sounds of music today at 6:00 pm GMT. Olympic Park – the venue of the prestigious event – is honored to organize amazing and dazzling performances. You will be given a chance to see the British culture and meet the teams participating in the games. Like always this year again, Olympic kicks off an extravagant show with the opening ceremony of 2012 London Olympics.

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    Countries Participating in Olympics 2012:

    Total 204 countries were lucky enough to participate in this spectacular event. The Olympic Movement was responsible for selecting the best Olympics 2012 participants in order to make this competition more exciting.

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    Schedules and Venue of Olympics 2012:

    Within couple of weeks the thrilling event will end. From the 27th of July 2012 till the 12th August 2012. The 2012 Olympic schedules for each game along with its venue have already been decided.

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    Watch 2012 Olympics Live:

    Everyone is not lucky enough to watch this anticipated event live in the Olympic Park, but there are several other ways which can give you a chance to get involved in this thrilling event. You can still feel the actual thrill by watching Live Olympic events on a TV.

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    Better Food & Accomodation:

    London restaurant and Café owners have also availed the golden opportunity to serve their scrumptious recipes to people visiting from all over the world. Within Olympic Park and various other venues where games are organized restaurant owners are eagerly waiting to serve their special cuisines.

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    Don't Miss the Chance to Make Money:

    Olympics is not just a sport festival it is also a huge money making business. People visiting London will spend money on tourism, food, shopping and accommodation, besides watching the games. Londoners are enthusiastically waiting for  visitors to come so that they can make money. If you still didn't look into the matter, do check the opportunities in 2012 Olympics to make money, and make your way out.

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