22-20s Debut Album : Just Right

A friend of mine in London sent me a 22-20s song a while ago that I really liked. Enough that I went to see them at SXSW in March. I enjoyed the show so much that I jumped at the chance to review this album.

22-20s is comprised of a quartet of young British guys (my first weakness). And knowing that they are said to be influenced by a variety of music from early Rolling Stones to Mississippi Delta Blues – a pleasant surprise was sure to be awaiting the unwrapping of this CD.

Their sound is all rock with the depth of blues and the delivery of punk. Instead of hinging merely on good guitar solos or catchy drumbeats, 22-20s songs rely on the voice as the heart and soul that they truly are. Many know it is hard to tell a sincere story in a short amount of time, but each song is packed with one. And with the longest song, Hold On, being just over 5 minutes, that truly is a feat to be celebrated.

While many young bands have songs centered on women and heartbreak, 22-20s are able to do so without sounding trite. Their genuine delivery emphasizes the universality of the emotions while these four young men bring humanity back to a rock and roll world focusing too much on superficial appearances.

So while they may be considered too rock for London’s blues scene and too bluesy for much of mainstream Brit Pop, 22-20s have certainly gained their permanent spot in my CD player.

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