24 Hour Restaurants in Manhattan

There comes a time when almost everyone needs to find a 24 hour restaurant, but you really do not want to be walking around the streets in the early morning hours looking for one. There are many in Manhattan, not too many in the upper east and west sides and midtown, but there are more abundant in the other neighborhoods. Most of them will deliver These are but a few of the 24/7 restaurants in Manhattan. I have included listings from as many different neighborhoods as possible. So let’s take a journey through Manhattan, and see what we can find. They all have a web site with menus, so you can get a sneak peak. The prices listed are in effect at this time, but they are subject to change. Happy eating.

24 hour restaurants in Chelsea, Manhattan

Cafeteria 24 hour Restaurant
119 7th Ave, New York 10011
At 17th Street
They are available for private parties. Theses are some of the sandwiches from their overnight menu. They also have full dinners available,
Soup and Sammie Cup of Soup, �¼ Grilled Cheese, Bacon and Tomato Sandwich with Potato Chips$8.00
Grilled Cheese Bacon, Tomato, Potato Chips and Onion Dip$9.00
B.l.t. Bacon, Arugula, Thick-Cut Tomato and Mayo onTexas Toast with Potato Chips$10.00
Grilled Chicken Sandwich Bacon, Avocado, Arugula, Tomato, Basil Mayo $10.00

24 hour restaurants in Gramarcy Park, Manhattan

L’Express 24 hour Restaurant
249 Park Ave S, New York 10003
At 20th Street
These are examples from their dinner menu. L’ Express” Croque Monsieur french fries & mesclun$11.50
Penne Provencal tomato sauce$12.95
Grilled Salmon Dijonnaise rice & spinach $16.50

Sarge’s 24 hour Restaurant
548 3rd Avenue, New York 10016
Between 36th & 37th St
Here are some quick breakfast items You can eat in or take out and they deliver 24/7
FRENCH TOAST, Dipped in Egg Batter and Grilled to a Golden Brown 5.95
with Bacon or Sausage 6.95
STACK of PANCAKES, Light, Fluffy and Golden Brown 5.95
with Bacon or Sausage 6.95
with Bacon or Sausage 6.95

Scotty’s 24 hour Restaurant
336 Lexington Ave, New York 10016
Between 39th & 40th Street
They are open 24/7 Triple Decker sandwiches are their speciality.

24 hour restaurants in Greenwich Village, Manhattan

7A Caf�© 24 hour Restaurant
109 Avenue A, New York 10009
At 7th Street You can’t beat these prices.
Half Pound Burger 6.50 Add cheese or bacon additional 0.50 each item
Shrimp and Portobello Sandwich $8.50
With fresh tomato & basil on french bread

Florent 24 hour Restaurant
69 Gansevoort St, New York 10014
Between Greenwich & Washington Streets
Here are some examples of what you can get.
Vegetarian Chili with sour cream, cheddar, onion, tomato & tortilla chips$10.95
Steamed Prince Edward Island Mussels in white wine, lemon, garlic, onions & fresh herbs

Little Veselka 24 hour restaurant
75 E 1st St, New York 10003
At Houston Street
The cuisine here is Eastern European, They do deliver. Here are some examples.
Fresh Fruit & Farmer’s Cheese Plate market-fresh fruits served with low-fat farmer’s cheese (available in season only)$ 9.75
Ola’s Famous Veal Goulash tender pieces of veal braised in a creamy herb sauce, served with mashed potatoes and one side dish $12.95
Meatless or Meat Stuffed Cabbage your choice of either meatless (mushrooms, onions and rice) or meat (ground beef & pork, onions and rice), served with mushroom sauce or tomato sauce and any two side dishes $10.25

Istanbul Grill 24 hour Restaurant
310 W 14th St, New York 10014
Between 8th & 9th Avenue
This is a Turkish restaurant, with a very good menu. They offer free delivery Here are some examples.

24 hour restaurants in Midtown Manhattan

790 8th Ave, New York 10019
At 48th Street
A breakfast of steak and eggs will cost your $12.50 that is the most expensive breakfast item. Theses are from the regular dinner menu.
Beef Bourguignon Slowly Cooked in Red Wine & Vegetables, with Green Olives & Pappardelle $15.75
Monkfish Medallions Gratinee Spinach, Mushroom, Champagne Sauce

24 hour restaurants on the Upper East Side of Manhattan

H&H Midtown Bagels East
1551 2nd Ave, New York 10028
Between 80th & 81st Streets
You can stop in here for some great bagels and smoked fish to take home or sit and enjoy it here. Prices are very reasonable you can get a nice late night snack for under $5.

24 hour restaurants on the Upper West Side of Manhattan

Cheesy Pizza
2640 Broadway, New York 10022
At W 100th Street
They are not exactly open 24 hours, but close too it They close at 5AM and re open at 10AM. But not any pizza parlors are open for breakfast. It is not fancy, but the pizza is great you can take home or eat in. Prices are reasonable An 18 inch pie goes for $16 Single slices are $2 Heros go for $6.00

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