25 Tips to an Organized Office

1) Periodically sort through desk drawers to free up valuable drawer space.

2) Clear your desktop off by removing any unnecessary knick knacks that can be placed in a bookcase or on a shelf.

3) Keep essential items on your desk (computer/laptop, phone, card file, etc.).

4) If you work with several people create an in box for each individual person.

5) Develop the habit of creating a daily to-do list to help you stay focused on projects and to help you better manage your time.

6) Pre-Sort your mail according to action needed. File, Read, Contact (write or call), Pay.

7) Use a variety of storage containers to organize office and computer supplies.

8) Desktop organizers and/or trays will help you organize papers that come across your desk.

9) Create a separate drawer for personal paperwork, items, etc.

10) Use storage boxes to archived files and documents that need to be retained for a period of time.

11) Purchase Magazine boxes to organize booklets, magazines and catalogs that you need to keep.

12) Try developing the habit of tossing an article once it is read. If you must keep it use a scanner ti reduce the amount of paper you need to retain in your file.

13) Create a filing system that is simple and easy to maintain.

14) Color-coding your files enables you to find information faster.

15) Keep files current and organized by tossing dated information.

16) Try not to overload filing drawers, this will make it difficult to retrieve information from files.

17) Sub-divide larger files with manila file folders (Sales Contact-residential, commercial).

18) Hanging file folder tabs can be placed in the front or back.

19) Return calls in batches and leave specific messages. Remember to leave the best time for you to be reached if the person you are calling is unavailable.

20) Clear workspace of everything but the current project you’re working on to reduce distractions and misplaced information.

21) Keep an assortment of all-occasion cards and stamps in your desk.

22) Create a folder of takeout menus from favorite restaurants so you can order ahead and pick up dinner on your way home.

23) Color code checks to make it easily to identify accounts if you have several checking accounts.

24) At the end of each day organize project related paperwork and place in a file or filing cart.

25) Straighten desk at the end of the day and especially at the end of the week so that you can start each morning with a clear desk.

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