3 Benefits to Installing an Undermount Sink

Are you thinking about remodeling your kitchen? If so, this may be the perfect time and opportunity to replace your traditional drop-in sink with an undermount sink. An undermount sink, as the name implies, is mounted under the countertop. Because installing an undermount sink sometimes requires replacing the countertop – hard stone countertops work best with this type of sink – it is often more convenient to do so during a kitchen remodel.

Why would you need to replace your current sink? Well, there may not be a real need, but there are several benefits to having an undermount kitchen sink. Here are three of those reasons:

1. Extra Counter Space

Because there is no lip hanging over the counter top with an undermount sink, you end up with quite a bit of extra counter space. Besides the extra counter space this provides, it also gives a more sophisticated appearance to your kitchen.

2. Easier to Clean

Undermount sinks provide greater ease of cleaning because crumbs and other food debris can be wiped directly from the counter to the sink.

3. Freedom of Faucet Placement

A standard drop-in kitchen sink has the faucet holes already drilled into it. With a drop-in style sink, the holes are drilled into the countertop, meaning the faucet can be placed almost anywhere – to the left, right, or center, or even the side of the sink.

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