3 Easy Ways to Fix White Potatoes

White or Irish potatoes are popular in Western countries because of their versatility, deliciousness and ability to fill up stomachs. With those on special diets that are low in carbohydrates, potatoes are only to be consumed in moderation or not at all, but most of us can eat them. Full of nutrition, potatoes with a protein and a green vegetable make a complete meal. I love to try new and simple ways of preparing potatoes that do not take up much of my time in the kitchen while helping to make a comforting and healthful meal.

Meal in the Frying Pan

Fried food is not the best choice for most people, but I do like to saut�© onions in a frying pan with a little vegetable oil. Add diced potatoes that have been previously boiled until cooked through. Into the pan with the onions and potatoes can go other vegetables like these:

– Green onions
– Peppers
– Cooked corn
– Sliced olives
– Mushrooms

These vegetables and potatoes can be tossed until stir-fried or left in the pan on low heat until crispy. During a slow-cooking time for crispy potatoes, only stir once or twice after the potatoes are browned on one side. At the end of the stir-frying or crisping, salt and other preferred seasonings can be added. Pouring in beaten eggs makes the dish perfect for a hearty breakfast. Cheese on top after the burner heat is turned off is another serving idea. This potato meal-in-a-frying pan should be served hot.

Baked Potatoes with Trimmings

Not too many vegetable sides are as beloved as baked potatoes are to those who eat them. Baked potatoes make excellent sides when served hot with butter, salt and gravy. For an easy dinner idea, baked potatoes can also play the principle role. A baked potato buffet can be set up beginning with a good pile of baked potatoes. All types of trimmings and toppings should also be spread out on the table. Butter and gravy should be accompanied by many other types of toppings like the following:

– Diced green onions
– Sliced or chopped olives
– Toasted sunflower seeds
– Sour cream
– Shredded cheese
– Fresh and diced tomatoes
– Fresh and diced peppers

This fun baked potato buffet meal is a winner with anyone who loves potatoes because they can dress up their own potato any way they choose.

Mashed Potatoes

I find homemade mashed potatoes are delightful and so easy to make. Boiled potatoes that are peeled can go in a large mixing bowl with cream, butter or vegetable oil, salt and a pinch ground celery seed. The potatoes are mashed and the other ingredients are mixed in during the mashing. A fork or a potato masher works well, but a heavy-duty mixer will also do the job with less arm muscles and physical energy needed. For richer and creamier potatoes, adding a block of cream cheese to a large pot of mashed potatoes is outstanding.

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