3 Most Romantic Road Trips in America

Discover these exciting, magnificent, romantic roads to follow that will show you America the beautiful in a very real way. These road trips are sure to create romantic sparks for a couple. There are many fine road trips in America, and but after touring all 50 states these three are my favorites. Romance is not guaranteed to blossom by driving these routes, but the seeds of love just might thrive on these trips.

Pacific Coast Highway

California Highway 1 is the most beautiful road that I have traveled in the United States. My wife has relatives in both Los Angeles and San Francisco, so we enjoyed the slow and curvy ride along the ocean between these two great cities.

Upward into Oregon this road will take you by mistier ocean spray off the rocks below than you dreamed possible. We found a romantic hotel with a fireplace along the way for one night. The views and peaceful scenery along this drive are magnificent. The snuggle factor goes up for lovers the farther north you travel with the chilly nights even in the summer.

Lake Tahoe

Another romantic place that tops my list is also in the western United States at Lake Tahoe. The view around this lake on Highway 89 is breathtaking to say the least. This lake is so clear and pretty with the snow capped mountains in the background.

Holding hands with your significant other really feels good here, especially in the crisp night air. A drive up to Reno on Interstate 80 will show the massiveness of the open spaces and mountains in this great country called America.

The Overseas Highway

The 113 mile trip from Miami to Key West has been called the highway that goes to sea. With 42 bridges and water surrounding you on both sides of the drive much of the way; this road will make your eyes see blue for a long time.

Stop along this road and pause to just watch the ocean view. Key Largo is a great place to relax or stay on this road. Key West brings sounds of Jimmy Buffet Music and romantic drinks to be enjoyed. This road trip will not create a snuggle factor because the weather in south Florida is always warm. However, the white sand and blue water seems to have a romantic effect.

One of these road trips would make an excellent honeymoon or anniversary trip. Car rentals are available at airports near these areas if the drive from where you live is a long distance. Try these road trips and see what kind of relationship sparks might happen.

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