3 Ways to Scent a Home Without an Air Freshener

No one wants a smelly house, but, if you are like me, you don’t want those plastic air fresheners that are somewhere between a cream-colored cone and an egg hanging out all over the place. Even the wall plug-ins generally look tacky.

There are alternatives.

While there are many options, such as potpourri and decorative air fresheners, here are three sure-fire ways to keep your home smelling delicious and looking tasteful.

This might be the most obvious. Candles come in every scent, shape, and color imaginable, and you can find them in all sorts of containers. Glass, ceramic – I have even seen them in cast iron.

You can also go the route of buying plain candles and choosing your own holders, making a look that is highly specific to you.

Tip: remove the labels off a candle if you buy one covered in stickers and the glass will look decorative instead of tacky.

Incense Burners
Again, these come in so many shapes it would be impossible to describe them all. From coffin burners to the most elaborate, the options are hardly limited. In fact, my brother has a hydra and the smoke pours out of their mouths, which is a pretty cool effect for a guy who wants his room to smell good without looking like a chick.

Tip: Incense is best used in conjunction with something else. While it has a very strong scent while burning, the scent does not linger for very long.

Oil Diffusers
My personal favorite of the three for keeping a house smelling aromatically awesome, oil diffusers are often beautiful, ceramic creations that come in a whole spectrum of colors, shapes, and styles. They are perfectly easy to use – pour oil in, stick in reeds, voila. The scent is long-lasting, you don’t have to light anything and worry about a fire hazard, and the pots make beautiful decorations.

Tip – Turn your reeds over every couple of days to help the scent stay strong.

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