3 ways to build a Long-Term Relationship

Do you think you’ve found the man or woman of your dreams? Or maybe you haven’t but you just want to make sure the next person that walks into your life is there to stay? Well you’re not alone – many of us are stuck in that same position where we want a partner to be permanent someone that we can love but at the same time someone that shows us love.

If you’re within your early teens then there are many statistics figures out there these days that show that teenagers do not last very long within relationships, as you haven’t reached that mature stage of understanding and forgiving… it takes two people in the relationship to make things work and if one person is just in there for “pass time” then it will not go very far at all however if you’re both in it to reach to the end then you truly have something special, don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.


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    A good relationship can strengthen many aspects in your life… mentally, physically and emotionally – people with strong bonds with there partner usually live a much more better life knowing they have that extra backing and that is why it is important to develop a strong foundation of a relationship. Invest time into love rather than always thinking about work and money, you need to take them days off as life is too short to always be working.

    Without further blabbing, please read the below steps… As they will teach you step by step on how to build a long-term relationship that actually lasts and no we haven’t just made these points from the sky, we have spoken to numerous experts and countless amount of love birds who have remained in a long-term relationship. Now get your eyes below and start reading!

    Always stay involved with your partner

    Obviously, with a little bit of breathing space… you need to relate to each other and bond at every moment you possibly can, the moment you get less involved with your partner is the same moment you are creating a distance and over a period of time if you persist – the distance will also increase. Keep the connection flowing but as stated above don’t over do it.

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    Conflicts arise… Give your partner a helping hand to bury them

    There is no point shouting or getting aggressive when something arises, remember life comes with obstacles if it was that easy… we’d all be single and fighting the battle of life alone. That is why when an obstacle comes your way or your partners way you must sit down and quietly speak about it, if you disagree with something he/she say – be polite about it as if you end up passionately disagreeing this could hit a nerve…. Do not be fearful to speak about the difficulties you may have, if you avoid difficulties then they will only come to chase you later – deal with them right there and then.

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    Be transparent and direct with your partner

    There is no point beating around the bush, whatever is in your mind… say it exactly the way it is so that your partner knows exactly what is going on – remember if you feel comfortable to express your needs, wants, fears, desires then your partner will feel the same comfort level… start the trend in your relationship from the start by making direct eye contact and speaking to your partner about any issues that have arise or may arise in the future so he/she is well aware of them.

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