30 Things to Do on Christmas Day

1. Plant a tree for life in your back garden.
2. Renovate the bedroom
3. Go fishing, if you live near a pond
4. Carpet the garden with fresh green scented grasses
5. Plant your favorite seed flowers and watch them grow through many seasons
6. Have a baby. Plan your birth to Christmas time.
7. Iron a pile of clothes
8. Learn to play a Piano or flute
9. Interview yourself about your favorite things such food, shoes, clothing, friends etc. on your home video and put it on the Internet.
10. Knit with your favorite colors
11. Change the carpet. No wear and tear will do.
12. Decorate the walls with colorful wall papers of your choice
13. Build a playhouse for the kids in the garden
14. Clean out the swimming pool and add fresh water again
15. Light up Christmas lights aand open your Christmas presents and gifts
16. Wash the inner of the car, the interiors, changing the carpets, dusting and brushing
17. Change the front room curtains to a more intimate color eg silk wine velvet
18. Change the Sofa
19. Change the kitchen curtains and possibly all the curtains in the house
20. Make love all through the day and the night
21. Look through old magazines and newspapers and share a private memory
22. Look through a family album with a cup of hot milk and cookies
23. Pour out a whole bottle or two of luxurious bath cream from Harrods into the Jacuzzi or bath tub and soak in for long hours ever. Make a Wold record of it.
24. Have a candle-lit dinner with skewed snails, prawns and lobsters, all marinated.
25. Throw out all your old lingerie, pants, briefs and put in all the new ones.
26. Have canopies and pepsi-cola all through the day
27. Watch Movies, DVD and enjoy your home theater, if you have one or listen to all the old casette tapes of the 70’s, 80’s.
28. Go jet skiing if there’s snow near you or ice-skating
29. Send Christmas hampers to yourself and just have a good day
30. Read a Mills and Boon

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