4 Steps to Your Own Privacy Fence

A wooden privacy fence can help you to get a little peace and quiet in your own backyard. With a privacy fence, you can keep your kids and pets safe in your yard while keeping the unwanted guests out. Installing your own privacy fence is easy as these four steps. Use this guide to privacy fence installation and you can be sure you’re going to have the perfect fence for your home.

Finding the Property Line

This is the most crucial step towards installing a privacy fence. If you can’t find the property lines, how will you know where to put your fence at? Typically, a property marker can be found at each corner of your property line. Finding at least three corners of the property line is crucial to success. Once the markers have been located, mark them with a stake and string a taut line between them for reference. Set your new fence in from the string line 6-12 inches.

Setting the Corner Panel

Set your first panel and post in one of the corners of your yard. Ensure the post will be set at least two feet into the ground by making a two foot mark at the bottom of the post. Dig the hole and set in the post. As you backfill the hole, level the post from all sides. Tamp the dirt in place to strengthen the post. Attach the first panel to the fence post using three 10d galvanized nails.

Posts and Panels

Now that the first corner is nailed and the panel is flopping in the breeze, you can dig the next post hole. Line the fence up to your string line and mark the hole so that is breaks evenly between the next panel and the one that’s already in place. Dig the hole two feet deep and set the post. Level the post from both positions and tamp the earth tightly around the base of the post. Nail the fence to the post and your first panel is complete. Continue in this fashion until you make your way around the home. Panels can be adjusted up and down as needed to contour the land.

Gates and Openings

For gates and openings, you’ll need to install a post on each side of the opening. These posts take extra weight and abuse. They need to be reinforced properly to ensure they stay strong and level. Concrete poured around each gate post will ensure your gate stays exactly where it’s supposed to be.

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