4 Ways to Add Flavor to Scrambled Eggs

One way our family is saving money on groceries is by serving “breakfast for dinner” once a week. Egg dishes, pancakes, biscuits and hash browns are not only inexpensive to prepare but can easily make the switch from breakfast to dinner with just a few ingredient changes.

Here are just a few of the ways that I add flavor to scrambled eggs:

Top with grated cheese
Adding a cheese topping is super easy to do since all that’s required is a bit of shredded cheese sprinkled on top of the prepared scrambled eggs. To melt the cheese, pop the eggs under the broiler for about a minute or two. My family prefers smoked Gouda or extra sharp cheddar cheese on our scrambled eggs though swiss, Colby or pepper jack are also scrumptious.

Add in some herbs
As a way to cut back on the salt intake without losing flavor, I use lots of herbs in all my dishes. Scrambled eggs especially taste fantastic with a teaspoon of dry (or a tablespoon of fresh) herbs tossed in the mix. I add savory herbs directly to the skillet as I’m cooking the eggs. Family favorites include tarragon, parsley, basil and oregano.

Add chopped, cooked meat
Eggs are already a good source of protein by themselves which is they are considered a meat serving by the USDA. If you would like to add a bit of chopped, cooked meat to the scrambled eggs for added flavor, that’s OK! Savory meats such as ground seasoned sausage, chopped chorizos, smoked ham, or smoked bacon can be added to the skillet while the eggs are cooking.

Add vegetables
To sneak some veggies into a “breakfast for dinner meal,” I often stir in a cupful of sauted vegetables in the eggs while they are cooking along with a pinch of dried garlic. Dried tomatoes and dried peppers, sauted onions (or leeks), cooked spinach, and even cubed cooked potatoes are a few examples of veggies that will complement a scrambled eggs. To make sure that everything is cooked thoroughly, I pop the skillet under the broiler for 2-4 minutes, sprinkle everything with cheese, and then let the egg dish sit for several minutes to finish cooking. Prepared this way, your scrambled eggs becomes a tasty dish known as a “frittata.”

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