4th of July Party Ideas

The 4th of July is right around, and that’s a call to celebrate. So, why should your 4th of July celebration be another cookie-cutter party? Here are a few party ideas to add fireworks to your celebration:

West Wild Party: Americans have a love affair with old west. Since the Wild West is part of American culture, it would a great party idea. You and your guest wear their best western apparel. You can also turn your yard into an old west town. In addition, you can create rodeo games and have the best old west barbeque this side of Tombstone.

Hawaiian Style Independence Day: Since Hawaii is the 50th state, wouldn’t it be great to bring the Aloha state to your backyard? Your backyard can decorate into a Hawaiian beach setting complete with red, white and blue Hawaiian shirts, pineapple and tropical luau.

The Roaring 1920’s: It’s time to take the way back machine to the 1920’s. It’s an age without TV, cell phones or Internet. All you need to 1920’s costumes, 1920’s music, and make your home a speakeasy.

It’s V-E or V-J Day: Remember the greatest generation? It’s time to celebrate them with a V-E/V-J themed party. All you need is 1940’s/1950’s music and clothing to set the mood, and you’ll have a swinging good time.

Independence Day, Elvis Style: Since his music is part of American culture, should “The King” be celebrated on Independence Day? To celebrate, you need Elvis music, Elvis costumes, and play Elvis movies in the background. Heck, you can great an Elvis dance night and choose which Elvis song to play during the fireworks.

I love the 1960’s Independence Day Party: Remember the 1960’s? Peace, love and happiness! The Beatles, The Stones and The Doors. Turn you 4th of July celebration into a far out groovy cookout that’ll leave your neighbors in envy.

That 70’s Independence Day Party: Remember the spirit of 76, 1976 that is? This July 4th party takes you back to the era of disco, the rise of punk and the steel curtain. Get out those funky 70’s clothing and mix it with stars and stripes and the best 1970’s music, and you’ll have the funkiest independence day party ever.

An Untouchable 4th of July: Do you love movies like The Godfather, Scarface, and Goodfellows? This July 4th party idea is about the gangster in you. Set in there with the party that no one can refuse. In addition, you can bring in music from mob movies to make this party a hit for any occasion.

The Independence Day Players’ Ball: For those who want a mature 4th of July party without the kids, I got just the thing for you. In the tradition of Pimp ‘n’ Hoes Party, you can throw a ball on Independence Day, Players’ Ball that this! All you need is the best pimp costume for guys and girls to kick it off. Then, you need music from movies like Shaft, Superfly, and others from James Brown, Motown and more. To top it off, you need an award ceremony for the risquÃ?© Independence Day party.

I hope these suggestions will make your 4th of July party goes off Sucker Free!

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