5 DIY Craft Projects You Can Make Out of an Old Piece of Fence

Creating fun craft projects out of found materials, like an old piece of wooden fence, is a great way to create salvaged art as well as usefull decor. Here are some easy craft projects you can make out of an old piece of wooden fence.

1. Wall Art Craft Project – Folk Art American Flag – Paint your entire piece of old fence white with a flat paint. Milk paint would be perfect for this project. Tape off the top left hand corner in a square just like the American Flag. If possible paint your piece so that the wood slats are traveling horizontally. This will make it much easier to paint the horizontal red stripes. If not though, just use more painters’ tape to create this wall art craft project out of your old piece of fence. Once finished let it dry and then lean it on a wall, hang it on a wall. Or even lean it on the fireplace mantel. This is a great way to fill up a large empty wall. If you are somewhat crafty you could paint your entire piece of fence white, let it dry, trace out the shape of the United Sates on your piece of fence, paint the continent blue, and paint a red star or heart on top of your home town. For an easy craft project decoupage a world map onto the fence. Use a sharp knife to cut the edges between the slats and decoupage them down.

2. Pot Rack – This DIY project would work well with a very sturdy piece of old wooden fence. Hang your pot rack from studs in the ceiling if at all possible. Use heavy-duty toggle bolts to secure your piece of fence to the ceiling if you cannot find a stud. Next, screw in stainless steel hooks securely into the wood. You can find these hooks with a screw ready end in the aisle where you find S hooks and chains at your local home improvement store. They are sometimes near the teacup hooks as well. Hang your pots from the hooks. You could also hand the old piece of fence on your wall and use bars with S hooks to hang your pots from.

3. Message Board Craft Project – White wash your piece of old fence with a mixture of 50% white pain and 50% water. Let this dry. Screw in teacup hooks in a uniform or random pattern on your piece of fence. Use those black clips found at office supply stores to hang from each hook. At Office Depot these clips are called binder clips and can be bought in every size all the way up to three inches wide. You can clip on messages, photos, and papers to each of the hooks. The very large hooks could even hold clothing items like hats, gloves, and bag lunched, making this an ideal project for a little entryway organization. For some additional storage use the large clips hooked to baskets to hold incoming and outgoing mail.

4. Folding Screen DIY Project- Use a jig saw to cut your piece of old fence into three equal pieces vertically. Screw in hinges onto each piece connecting the three. Reverse the directions of the hinges between the 2nd and 3rd pieces. Stand it in the corner of the room or even behind your desk. You could also attach hooks like the aforementioned project. This would make a great place to display family photos, season cards, and more.

5. DIY Wood Fence Window Treatments – You have a couple options for window treatments using your old piece of fence. You could cut it to the size of your window and suspend it from chains in front of the window. You could also cut it in half vertical and attach it to the wooden windowsill with hinges so that it can open like shutters. Paint your old piece of fence in a color that matches your decor for a more finished look. You could also stain it in a dark weathered color to add a unique touch to your windows.

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