5 Easiest Crafts for Beginners

Are you new at doing crafts? Time to join in on the fun! It’s a great stress reliever, money saver, and great way to spend quality time with a loved one! Doing crafts is a great family activity! So go grab the kids, husband, and siblings! Are you ready to get creative and crafty?!?

  • 1. Holiday Cards

Instead of buying your holiday cards, why not make them this year? Get creative when designing cards for the holidays throughout the year: Valentine’s Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, Easter, Fourth of July, and many more! Some things you may need: construction paper, markers, pens, creativity, and glitter. Now just get creative! Enjoy making a personal card for your loved ones!

  • 2. Decorate a Picture Frame

Do you ever get tired of the same old picture frame hanging on your wall, sitting on your night stand, or packed away in the attic? Time to clean off that dust and make that frame look like it never has before! Bejewel it! Stain it! Sand it! Paint it! Glue sea shells on it!

  • 3. Decorate a Lamp Shade

That neutral colored lamp shade got your room looking dreary? Time to lively up your space! Get fabric, paint, and an imaginative perspective. Paint stars, stripes, blocks, characters, or anything else that you’d like on these only drab lamp shades. Going for a more elegant look? Why not add lace with a little bit of colored ribbon and spruce up the room?

  • 4. Make Holiday Ornaments

Who doesn’t Christmas? The holly jolly season is the best time of the year! Why not make your Christmas tree stand out with handmade ornaments this year! Mold an ornament out of clay with your anniversary date on it. Make an ornament out of construction paper! Place your newly decorated picture frame in the tree, to change things up. Get inspired and have some fun!

  • 5. Begin a Scrapbook

Have you ever tried it? It’s a great way to take time and get creative and keep great memories alive for generations to come! Make a scrapbook of your wedding photos. Make one of your children’s births, your college years, your future dreams, and much more!

There is no wrong way to get creative doing these beginner craft ideas! Relax, take as much time as you would like, and enjoy expressing yourself! Think outside of the box. The possibilities are endless!

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