5 Easy Fixes that Make a Home Marketable

By now, most of my fans know I watch a lot of HGTV. Among the shows I enjoy is one aptly named, “the Unsellables.” Basically, each episode showcases a home that isn’t selling. The host then puts the home through a brief remodel to increase its sale value. I’ve been watching the show a while. Does that make me an interior design professional? Well, no. Nevertheless, I’ve picked up some pretty awesome tips about fixing up a home for resale. Is your home one of the unsellables ? If so, consider implementing these 5 easy fixes for a faster sell.

1. First impressions sell.
What do potential buyers see when they first lay eyes on your home? How about the view that greets them upon opening the door? Walk up to your own home with the eye of a potential buyer. What do you see?

*Are there cracks in the sidewalk or peeling paint?

*Is the front door freshly painted?

*Does the interior say “wow” or does it say “whoa”?

2. Depersonalization sells. When living in a home, you want to put your personal touches everywhere. It’s all part of making it yours. On the other hand, when you’re trying to sell that same home, too many personal touches narrow its appeal. Not every homeowner will share your taste, no matter what that taste is.

*Remove items that go to extremes

*Nix unnecessary fluff

3. Neutral, consistent walls and flooring sell. For instance, my home is accented with one bright southwestern colored wall in each room. Should I try to sell the home, I’d likely paint them with something more neutral that continues throughout the home. That way, the future home-buyer has no concern about re-painting to suit their taste right away. In other words, it presents a move-in ready feel.

*Is flooring clean and well maintained?

*Is flooring consistent throughout the home?

4. Tidy sells. Is your home cluttered with personal belongings and knickknacks? A few pretty accents here and there can brighten a room. By the same token, too many can make the home feel cluttered. Going back to your personal taste, remember, not everyone shares it. Some collections might give the home a personality the buyer simply can’t embrace.

*Remove religious, political and controversial items to avoid offending home-buyers.

*Get a storage unit for excess decor.

5. Clean landscaping sells. Everyone loves a big yard. But, let’s face it, yard work is hard work. New homeowners are looking for a well maintained yard with potential, not a nuclear dump site. Be sure your yard has clean lines, free from bulky eyesores, such as woodpiles or dilapidated sheds. It’s better to have a plain, freshly mowed lawn than a badly maintained garden.

*Edging your lawn makes a huge difference in it’s overall appearance.

*Hide bare spots with pretty pots of flowers.

Note: If your home is one of the unsellables, and you’re on a tight budget, don’t panic. You can make it house hunter ready with inexpensive touches like those above. If you have a little money to invest, concentrate on making the kitchen and bathrooms move in ready. Potential buyers will appreciate the fact that they can relax in their new home without a lot of intensive labor.

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