5 Fun Ways to Decorate a Toilet Seat Cover

If you are looking for a way to decorate your toilet seat cover, here are a few you will love. Most are unique and all are fun. You can also do them all on a budget. Just be ready to have one of the most talked about bathrooms on the street.

Toilet Seat Cover Decorating Tip #1 – Add stickers.

This tip is a great one for kids. If you have a bear toilet seat cover that needs a little sprucing up, add stickers. All you have to do is go to Wal-Mart or your local craft store. Check out their stickers and pick a few that go with the theme of your bathroom. Then, stick them to the toilet seat cover. It will be a fun activity for everyone. A suggested pick for this one are stickers that glow in the dark.

Toilet Seat Cover Decorating Tip #2 – Hand paint a design.

Stylish, painted toilet seat covers are all the rage these days. You can do it easily without even being an artist. You just need to be sure to buy the right type of paint (acrylic or oil) that will stick to toilet seat cover. For extra adhesion, you can sand the toilet lid in advance and seal it back up with a primer after you add your design. A few suggested designs are hand prints, free form flowers, stripes, the flag, stars and paintings of animals. (Check out a few elaborate painted toilets at Rawstyle.com by clicking here.)

Toilet Seat Cover Decorating Tip #3 – Glue on jewels.

If you are a girly-girl (or guy), you will enjoy this tip. All you need is a hot glue gun and a few pieces of fake jewels. You can get all of these items at your local craft store. The best way to do it is to arrange the pieces of jewels on your toilet seat cover first in the way you want them to lay. Then, mark the area with a pen and start gluing. You’ll be surprised at the beauty and fun it adds to your bathroom. Beware of buying jewels that are too bulky because they will make it hard to keep the toilet seat up.

Toilet Seat Cover Decorating Tip #4 – Paste on wallpaper.

Wallpaper is an easy way to decorate almost any surface. Besides being pliable, it comes in a variety of designs to suit almost anyone’s taste. All you have to do is go to a paint store and pick up a roll that fits your bathroom dÃ?©cor. Then, cut out a strip, circle, square or rectangle and add it to your toilet seat cover. It’ll add an element of surprise that will beautify your bathroom.

Toilet Seat Cover Decorating Tip #5 – Give it a fluffy cover.

This last tip is a tried and true one. When in doubt, add a fluffy cover to your toilet seat cover. You can buy them at almost any five-and-dime store. Get a fluffy cover in any shade and texture in order to enhance your toilet. Just be sure to buy the matching rug.

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