5 Household Uses for a Recycled Applesauce Cup

Plastic applesauce cups can fill a family’s recycling bin quickly. Why not re-used the plastic cup before it gets recycled?

The little cups are the perfect size for different uses. After the applesauce has been eaten, wash and dry the cup. Remove any foil or residue from the lid that was on the plastic container when it still had applesauce.

Re-using the applesauce cups before recycling also does not take up a lot of extra cabinet space. The cups stack neatly inside each other.

1. Dole out snack-sized portions to toddlers

Some kids don’t think twice about grabbing a box or bag of their favorite snack out of the cabinet and diving in at snack time. When a child sits with a large bag or box of a sweet or salty snack and plops down in front of the TV, they are more likely to overindulge, and overeat.

Why not instead pour the snack into the recycled plastic applesauce container, which is the perfect-sized snack portion for a self-feeding baby or toddler. Re-using the plastic applesauce container in this way helps even small children learn portion control of their snacks.

2. Paint Holder

Keep any plastic container that will be re-used for non-food separate from the recycled plastic food cups. Our “extra” recycled applesauce cups are stored under the sink, just waiting for painting time.

Paint that comes in jars can be poured into the cup. Painting out of a cup may be easier for some toddlers and small children. The won’t be as likely to roll the paintbrush handle around in the cup as they would if the paint were just on a paper plate instead.

3. Condiment Server

Another way to re-used the recycled applesauce cup at snack or dinner time is to pour or squirt condiments into the cup. The little recycled plastic cups can hold ketchup, salsa, or a yummy yogurt dip that can be eaten with fruit.

4. Bathtub Toys

Recycled plastic applesauce cups can also be used as toys in the bathtub. Kids will have fun pouring water in and out of the little cups, which are just the right size for little hands.

5. Craft Item Bins

Some crafts may involve some small pieces, whether it’s mom’s jewelry-making hobby. The recycled plastic applesauce containers are small enough to hold tiny items without being too deep that the beads or items will be lost. The containers are also clear, making it easier to find the item you need during craft time.

These are just five ideas for re-using recycled plastic applesauce containers before tossing them into the recycle bin.

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