5 Minutes a Day for Increased Metabolism

This routine utilizes Tabata intervals and high-intensity anaerobic exercise to optimize fat burning by spiking your metabolic rate. This routine only takes 5 minutes to complete, including rest time. Complete the routine three or six times a week. Combined with improved diet, this routine will help you shed fat rapidly. For optimal effect, do this on an empty stomach, immediately after you wake up. Of course, you could substitute some of these exercises. You could substitute jumping jacks and shadowboxing for any other form of cardio that you want; jumprope, sprints, burpees, whatever floats your boat. You could substitute the pushups for any resistance exercises. Pushups, situps, crunches, lunges, squats, etc., Remember to keep it intense. Intensity is key here. If you need to, increase the rest time until your lungs strengthen.

15 seconds jumping jacks (as many as possible, as quickly as possible)
15 seconds pushups (as many as possible, as quickly as possible)
15 seconds rest

15 seconds intense shadowboxing (as many punches thrown as possible, working angles)
15 seconds pushups (as many as possible, as quickly as possible)
15 seconds rest

Cycle through this four times.

Your metabolism will heighten significantly for several hours after completing this routine. In many cases, completing the routine accelerates your metabolism to the point that, afterwards, you feel hungry.

By spending fifteen to thirty minutes a week, you can spike your metabolism, and begin shedding fat rapidly. This routine is superior to other routines in that it is anaerobic and highly intense, whereas many others are aerobic and low-intensity. While aerobic activity for long periods of time catabolizes muscle mass, the brief intensity of this routine greatly reduces (or nearly eliminates) catabolization of your muscle tissue.

Results can usually be noticed within a week or two. Make sure you hydrate after each session. But catch your breath first. We don’t need you choking or anything.

This routine has worked for me, and several of my friends, and I hope it can work for you as well.

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