5 Nonverbal Sexual Cues

Ultimately, the nonverbal cues we present to our dates or significant others add to the overall seduction lure of a woman. Dating is a direct understanding of one’s sexual feelings and desires, and using that attraction to successfully ‘execute’ those desires leading to pleasure and satisfaction.

Most importantly, finding an effective way to use those desires to your own advantage will ultimately lead to continued satisfaction. So work those nonverbal sexual cues and get on with it�.

The key to any relationship is communication. With communication, thoughts and ideas are aimed toward a person’s mind. This intimate delivery can lead to immediate attraction. By taking account of what she responds to in the immediate solution, you can better prepare for continued attraction communication techniques.

Another important aspect is how the words are conveyed with vocal inflictions. Whether with a warm, soothing voice or even in writing, presentation of words to a woman can hook them from the beginning. Women respond to different variations, try them all out and see which has the greatest positive reaction from her face, eyes, perhaps feet?!

When communicating, facial expressions can also be used to correctly convey the hidden sexual messages you are attempting to transmit. Soft gazes will have any woman interested into what you are saying. Studies have concluded that words can be understood just with one’s eyes. The way you look at a person is directly aligned with their mood, whether you make her intrigued, nervous or even interested. Most women appreciate straight stares. If you look someone in the eye, they want to believe what you are telling them, which leads to trust and ultimately, further attraction.

Another important aspect of communication includes the use of gestures. Whether you motion with your hands to various parts of your body, gestures have meaning of their own. They can be use to reinforce the words you are communicating or even to emphasize your attraction and interest to her. This immediate interest will add to the intrigue and excitement of attraction developing.

Lastly, it may be old-fashioned, but a simple smile goes far with most women. Smiles give off positive vibes about one’s personality, whether they are a friendly, open, or positive individual. These positive attributes will lead her to her contined intrigue and maybe future and/or continued attraction. The art of smiling is a successful endeavor, try it!

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