5 Painless Ways to Conserve Water at Home

Everyone knows that water is one of our precious natural resources. Without water, life on planet earth would die. That’s why conserving water is so important for the environment. Not only that, but using less water in our daily lives means less cost for us. Here are 5 painless ways how to conserve water at home:

1. Fix Water Leaks Around Your Home Right Away
Is there a faucet that constantly drips in your home? Have you been meaning to fix that leaky toilet, but you haven’t found the time? According to the American Water Works Association, plumbing leaks make up about 14% of the amount of water we use in our homes. A leaky faucet alone equals money down your drain! A faucet that drips once a second wastes approximately 2,700 gallons of water a year. So if you fix water leaks as soon as they occur, you can conserve many gallons of water and save yourself money at the same time.

Also, it’s a good idea to periodically check the water supply lines around your house, especially the ones that aren’t out in the open. That way, you’ll find hidden drips and leaks before they turn into a major plumbing problem.

2. Conserve Water When You’re Washing Your Vehicles
Most people wash their cars and trucks in their driveways. But, if you park your vehicles in the yard before you clean them, the runoff water will help hydrate your grass, plants, trees, bushes and other greenery.

And, if you shut your garden hose off in between uses when you’re washing your vehicles, that act alone will save many gallons of water.

3. Replace or Revise Your Toilet Tank
Next to the washing machine, the toilets in your house likely use up the most amount of water. If the toilets were produced before 1970, they weren’t made to conserve water. They probably use about five gallons of water every time they’re flushed. One of the 10 painless ways to conserve water at home is to replace any outdated toilets.

A less expensive alternative is to revise the toilet tanks so they hold less water. To do this, buy a water-saving flapper at your local home supply center. These flappers are designed to close before the tank is completely empty which will conserve water.

You can also place a brick or a one-liter plastic soda bottle filled with sand in your toilet tank. Doing this will take up room so the tank won’t completely fill with water. Just make sure the brick or soda bottle don’t interfere with the workings of your toilet.

4. “Fill It Up” in the Kitchen, Laundry Room and Bath
If you wash your dishes by hand, fill up one side of the sink for the sudsy water and the other side for the rinse water. Do this instead of rinsing your dishes under a running faucet and you’ll be amazed how much water you can conserve.

Before you turn on the dishwasher, fill it up so there’s a complete load instead of wasting water cleaning a few dishes. The same thing goes for your laundry machine. Wash only full loads instead of using the “mini” cycle and you’ll painlessly conserve one of our natural resources.

5. Collect and Use Rain Water
If you buy a barrel that’s designed to catch rain water, you can save the run off from the gutters on your roof. You can then use this water on your lawn, trees and shrubbery. You can also use it to water your houseplants, wash your hands when you’re working outside, and for a number of other uses. For health reasons, just don’t drink rain water you’ve collected or give it to your pets.

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