5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Work in a Family Business

Working in a family business may sound great on the outside, but in most cases its another story. When you work in a family business then sometimes everything goes wrong. You may be wondering how can it go wrong? Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t work in a family business.

1. They use money as control. Sometimes when you have family members that work in the family business then sometimes the mom and dad use money as control. They will often hold your paycheck for a few days just to make you struggle a little while, but they wouldn’t dream of doing that to a regular non related employee. Sometimes you may not get paid as many hours that you actually worked. Be careful when working in a family business.

2. Sometimes you don’t get paid very much or nothing at all. It happens in a family business. More often than not a family member doesn’t get paid very much money at all or in some cases nothing at all. They make you work for hours and hours for nothing. They often tell you that you should be grateful that you even have the privilege of working in a family business. After all, it beats working a minimum wage job, right? I think not.

3. They can fire you or threaten to fire you on a daily basis. Yes, it has happened before. They will fire a family member in a family business much quicker than they would a regular non related employee. You see it happen every day around you. If you get fired then you are stuck with a bad reference of course. Sometimes in a family company then they use it as control to get you do whatever they want for the most part.

4. They treat you horrible. Often the non related employee’s get treated a heck of a lot better than you do. You often have to deal being yelled or emotionally abused just because you are family. Often when you try to stand up to them then they yell at you and call you an grateful person since after all everyone would love to work in family business.

5. They don’t forgive you for mistakes. They will often yell at and fire a family member out of a business before they would a regular employee. They will often make a big deal out of nothing. Working in a family business has many disadvantages to it. You often don’t get treated normally like you would at a regular job.

Working in a family business may be extremely stressful. It isn’t worth it sometimes since you have to deal with getting ripped off as far as money goes and getting yelled at constantly. Half of the time you can’t even take a day off or even a vacation without them calling you lazy or saying that you can’t take time off and that you HAVE to stay there to help with the family business. They often have unreasonable demands.

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