5 Reasons You Should Not Move into the Dorms

If you’ve ever stepped foot inside of a dorm hall or room then you have probably noticed that it’s not very organized, quiet, and it doesn’t provide much privacy for any of the people there. In this article I will talk about 5 reasons why you should not stay at the dorms; if you are facing this question yourself or if this topic is of interest to you then keep reading.

– Never have privacy
If you live at the dorms you can say “bye bye” to your privacy. You will never be alone in the dorms, your roommate may always be around, you may have your roommates friends or even your roommate snooping around your stuff while you’re not there, and take into consideration that the doors and walls will be very thin and the noise does carry. If this is something that you are not used to then don’t even consider dorm rooms as you are certainly guaranteed to not have any privacy. Not even phone calls will be private because you will always have to talk with someone else in the room, in the hall or where ever you’re at.

– Always noisy
You will not have a quiet environment at the dorms, ever. If you can’t concentrate unless you have quiet or if you have a very hectic schedule at work and at school then the noise will bother you and no matter what you do it will not go away. Sometimes your room will be near doors and you will be able to hear them constantly open and close. Sometimes you will have to hear loud people in the middle of the night doing very loud things in the halls also.

– No kitchen
If you are a person who likes to cook in a kitchen then you better stay away from the dorms as they don’t have kitchens in the rooms. Sometimes there may be a community kitchen on each floor or only on the main floor but that’s never guaranteed to be open, available, or clean. The having no kitchen can be a big issue if you don’t have enough money to purchase a meal plan and you were planning to cook your own food at home. This may be the reason that you will use to not live at the dorms and it’s a very good one.

– Community showers and restrooms
This will be very inconvenient to you. It’s a certainty that you are not guaranteed a shower or restroom inside of your dorm room and you’ll thus have to shower and do your business in community spaces. This means that you will have to shower and do your business where everyone else does it and sometimes it may be crowded in there. This is a very good reason to stay away from dorm halls. It may be better for you if you rented an of campus or inside campus apartment.

– Too small
Unless you’re in special dorm rooms which I don’t think there is many of those, you will have a very tiny dorm room. This might not be good for you and you should think about how much you will be paying for this place; it’s usually a lot and enough for you to pay for an apartment on your own. Don’t be confined to a tiny space; stay away from dorm halls/rooms!

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