5 Reasons to Keep Plastic Grocery Bags

Every time that you visit the grocery store or any store that gives out merchandise inside of plastic bags you get home, take out the things you bought, and then what do you do with the bags? In this article I am going to mention 5 things that grocery plastic bags can help you out with at home.

– Restroom trashcan bags
Everyone knows that flushing the toilet paper down the toilet only brings one thing; a clogged toilet. So consider having a waste basket inside of the toilet and using plastic grocery bags to hold all of the soiled papers in there. You can also use these bags for regular small size waste bins. You will save money and there is always an endless supply of these since you visit the markets and stores regularly.

– To use as doggy poop bags
If you have pets and you take them out for walks or into the yards then you know that you need doggy poop bags to pick up their poop right? Well now you can use your plastic grocery bags that you have at home to pick it up. It’s fast, easy, and you will no longer be spending money on fancy doggy poop bags because once again, there’s an endless supply.

– To throw away leftovers so that they don’t drip all over if the bag tears.
If you are one who has a lot of leftovers after dinner or at any time and you hate throwing them into the regular trashcan because of all the dripping they do sometimes then plastic grocery bags are perfect for you. You can dispose of your leftovers there and then simply take it outside to the trash cans to avoid a mess or a bad smell inside of the house. It will also help you out by not making you waste a perfectly good big sized bag.

– To carry things from one place to another
If you constantly are taking a lunch to your work place and you don’t have a lunch bag, or if you’re going to a pool and need to take a towel, or if you’re just traveling light and you need to take something with you but you don’t have any fancy bags to take the stuff in then grocery bags can also be used for that. You can now easily take your things from one place to another without too much hassle. You can even dispose of the bags without a worry.

– To store things temporarily
If you have many things to store in your home and you don’t want them to gain dust then putting the things inside of a plastic bag and tying it up will do you very good. Plastic bags are perfect to store things and they will help you around the house greatly. You can use it to put the doggy food in there, to contain the sugar bag so that it doesn’t spill, to put in your dirty shoes that will certainly dirty the carpet if left just there and many other things as well.

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