5 Reasons to Own the Trac Phone

Everwhere you go today it seems that everyone has a cell phone. It’s easy to understand when you think about it. We feel safer when we travel on the highways, or need to check on the kids, or get in touch with someone immediately. While many people use a cell phone to just gab, others only need one for an emergency, or on a rare basis. They don’t want to pay a high monthly fee and have a long-term contract. They have no need for it. So, the Trac Phone is the solution to their problem. It’s the hottest phone to come out as of late in the cell phone industry. Here are 5 good reasons to own a Trac Phone if you don’t already have one.

1. The Trac Phone costs less.

Let’s face it, mobile phone service plans can get costly in a hurry. Those peak time minutes can get very expensive. With the Trac Phone you don’t have to worry about what time of day it is when making a call. The rates are the same 24 hours a day. And you only pay for the actual minutes used. You pay upfront for a package of airtime minutes and simply add them to your phone. When you talk on the phone they are deducted from your total balance. It’s that simple. There are no expensive monthly contracts or 2 year agreements to sign up for. You only pay for actual use.

2. Trac Phones are available everywhere.

Trac Phones are available in all retail stores throughout the country. Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target, and many more large retail stores all stock Trac Phones and phone cards. The Trac Phone package includes the cell phone, as well as 10 minutes of airtime. The procedure to activate your Trac Phone after purchasing it is very simple. You simply call the companies toll-free number, give them your activation code number and you’re done! Once you have your phone activated, you can add more airtime minutes to it at anytime you wish. How? It can easily be done over the phone, or go online and do it through the company website.

3. Easy to purchase additional airtime minutes.

The phone cards for the Trac Phone are available at the stores mentioned above, as well as most grocery stores and gas stations as well, making it even more convenient to add airtime minutes. When you wish to add airtime minutes to your cell phone, simply buy a new phone card. Phone cards are available with 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 120 minutes, and 240 minutes of airtime. In addition, Trac Phone will also offer promotions at times, saving you even more money. The cost for the cards goes down with the more minutes you purchase.

Do I have to buy a new phone card every month? No, not with Trac Phone. They give you up to 3 months to use your current phone card, before ever having to add more minutes. Here is how it works. Let’s say you purchase 30 minutes of airtime on August 1st. You would have until November 1st to use those minutes, or purchase additional minutes. Now let’s say you still have 15 minutes of airtime left on October 30th. You can purchase a new phone card of 30 minutes and add it to your phone. You would then have 45 minutes total on your phone. Trac Phone does not take away any unused minutes.

4. The Trac Phone is easy to budget.

The Trac Phone allows you to stay on a budget. How many times have you gotten your cell phone bill for the previous month and found yourself shocked that it was much higher than you expected? We all have to be honest. With Trac Phone you no longer have those unpleasant surprises. You control the cost and limit the use. For people on a tight budget this works great.

5. Trac Phone has the features you’re looking for.

All Trac Phones can be set up to use voicemail, call waiting, caller id, and text messaging. It has the basic features anyone would need to keep in touch. With caller id you can see who is calling and decide if you want to call them back on your Trac Phone or wait until you get somewhere to call them on a land line. You don’t have to waste minutes on unnecessary calls. This helps control costs. Of course, there is no monthly contract with Trac Phone.

The Trac Phone gives you everything you could ask for in a cell phone. With all of the features and benefits of the Trac Phone I think you can see why it is quickly becoming the cell phone of choice for countless numbers of people throughout the nation.

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