5 Tips for Spring Cleaning

5 Tips For Spring Cleaning

It takes a considerable amount of energy to look at your basement, attic, garage or cluttered closet and visualize order. We stand there and wonder where did all the mess and clutter come from and why didn’t the basement, attic, garage or closet reject the clutter during the year like it was a bad habit? What is it about spring cleaning that makes us shutter? Spring is supposed to be a time when not only do flowers begin to bloom, but also our Winter’s boredom is cast out with the rain. Spring is a time to feel anew and accomplish things that Winter wouldn’t allow us to. I have and probably always will dread spring cleaning. Although, there are some methods that can help us Spring clean without dreading the experience or getting a headache after. Here are some helpful tips for Spring cleaning:

1. Condition Your Mind, Change Your Thoughts: Before you tackle the task of Spring cleaning recondition your mind. Things are never as bad as they seem to be. Try to mentally describe the experience and with other words besides CLEAN. We think of cleaning and we think, not today. We think of reorganizing and we ponder, needs to be done. Choose to think of the word reorganize. Reorganizing is a first-rate word. Sometimes we need to reorganize our schedules, or our desks at work or even our refrigerators. To reorganize is to set bring about order or arrange. Try not to think of Spring cleaning, instead think of Spring reorganizing.

2. Next, prepare ahead of time for your Spring reorganizing tasks. Outline everything that you believe is needed. For example, of course remember garbage bags. However, if you plan on reorganizing it is best that you also focus on putting things in order. You may need plastic bins for shoes, sports items like helmets or basketballs, or even old baby clothes. Buy labels to stick on the plastic bins or boxes. Labeling bins or boxes will enable you to find something quicker and easier. Don’t forget the markers!

3. Once you think of Spring reorganizing and have your needed supplies, now it’s time to set a date and time. On Saturday from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm you will reorganize your garage. This is another mental game you can play with. Blocking off your calendar for more time than you need is essential. Your Spring reorganizing task will most likely take you less time to accomplish. This is the point. Once you finish early! Your schedule is blocked off, but you are done with your task. It’s a great tool to use especially when there is a big task involved. I know for me I was shocked when I reorganized my garage earlier this month and after blocking my calendar off for six hours I was finished in four.

4. Make Spring reorganizing a family task. Of course, with more than two hands the reorganizing will go by faster. Making Spring reorganizing a family task is also effective because as family members engage in the process together, they are less likely to throw baseball bats, shoes, and anything else in the same area that they helped to reorganize.

5. Lastly, it is important to remember while Spring reorganizing that the items that are not discarded should be put in order. Use plastic bins or consider building shelves and even shoe holders are a good idea to provide and promote more effective spacing. This simply will make life easier.

Don’t let the thought of cleaning your basement, attic, closet, or garage scare you to death this year. Reorganize this Spring. Happy Spring Cleaning, I mean Reorganizing!

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