5 Tips on How to Clean Grout

Occasionally a glance at the nice tile under your feet begs for an answer to the question, “When will you clean me?” Take heart, it isn’t too complicated to clean your grout. If you are even thinking about doing it then chances are it would help get rid of many things including dirt, stains or even mold. Maybe it’s just hard to look at. Maybe it really is overdue for a cleaning!

Before you get started think of it as a process that needs to be completed from beginning to end:

1. Understand the process. Grout needs to cleaned and then shined up if you have a light colored grout. It is recommended to seal the grout afterwards for maximum effectiveness.

There are some professionals that may tell you not to attempt to do it yourself because it is a major pain and lots of hard work. If you have a house full of tile this may be true. If you have just a kitchen and small bathrooms maybe you really can do it yourself. If in doubt, imagine yourself down there scrubbing each grout line with a brush.

2. Select your own choice of grout cleaning chemical and be sure to read the directions/ warnings before you get started. Apply with a brush or machine as instructed to the grout lines.

3. Clean up excess water with a mop or wet vacuum.

4. Select a brightener and be sure to read the instructions on how long it should ‘dwell’ on the tile, or how long you should let it set before cleaning up. Apply with a mop! You can skip this step if you have a dark colored grout.

5. Apply the sealer: I suggest getting the highest quality sealer that you can buy to keep the grout looking it’s best the longest. If you have a hard time shelling out, save buying the sealer for the very last step. After you have done all the prep work head to the store to select a sealer – I bet you choose the best one after all that work! Bonus Tip: Get more than you think you will need. You can always take unused bottles back. No need to run out at the fridge with 3 feet to go and then spill something before you get another bottle of sealer…

Now that was easy, wasn’t it? It’s not too difficult when you know how to clean grout.

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