5 Tips to Help You Cope with PMS

PMS is something every woman must deal with. Every woman I know absolutely dreads to see that time of the month roll around, including me. Our hormones go crazy, we get emotional, depressed, our breast hurt, and we get cramps, just to name a few. Some women have it worst than others. But PMS is a part of our life so we must learn to cope with it. Here are 5 tips that will help you cope with PMS.

1. Avoid Certain Foods
Many women crave chocolate while going through that time of the month. Try not to give in to your cravings. Chocolate makes the cramps worse. Also try to limit your caffeine intake. Caffeine tends to make your breast sore.

2. Eat Small Amounts Several Times A Day
Try to eat several small amounts through out the day. Eating only three meals a day and filling up seems to make the cramps worse.

3. Increase Your Exercise
Don’t let PMS get you down. Exercise a little more than usual. Try dancing, walking, or swimming to relieve some of your PMS pain.

4. Take Vitamin B6
Vitamin B6 will help with the discomfort of PMS.

5. Orgasim
Okay ladies, I know you are calling me an idiot right about NOW!! You’re thinking that you feel like crap, you’re bloated, your back hurts, and you have cramps, how in the world could I say have an orgasim. Well hear me out. When a woman has an orgasim it relaxes her muscles, the body completely relaxes and becomes pain free. Therefore your back, breast, and tummy will relax and won’t hurt. For those of you that have tried this technique know that I’m not crazy.

I hope these tips help you cope a little better with PMS. These five things keep me from being so miserable.

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