5 Very Simple Ways to Pet-Proof Your Home

There’s no doubt that Americans love their pets. Many of us consider our furry companions to be more than just a pet – They are a part of our family, too. As much as we may love and adore our furbabies, we may not realize some of the dangers in our very own homes. Take a moment and go over the checklist below to see what you can do to pet-proof your home.

Garbage cans

The garbage can may be the ultimate temptation for a dog or cat. The odors that emit from thrown out food may be unappealing to us, but it’s wonderful to pets! Not only will a tipped over garbage can make a mess if Fido or Fifi gets into it, but it can also lead to a very dangerous situation. Bones can be choked on, tin cans may cause cuts, discarded medicines and other harmful substances may be consumed. Keep pets safe at home by using a lid that locks in place.


There aren’t many things as repulsive as seeing Fido with his face deep in the toilet. This is especially true if you like to kiss Fido’s face. Yuck! Not only is this practice just plain gross, it can also be potentially dangerous. Cleaning chemicals may get poured into the bowl and forgotten. Chlorine tablets may be present, but out of sight, in the tank. Deodorizers and/or odor refreshers may also be left in the bowl. Not to mention the fact that small dogs or cats may fall in the bowl and become trapped. Leave the lid down and you’ll never have to worry about the danger again.


Stain removers, carpet cleaning solution, urine scent blockers, and carpet powders are very dangerous to your pet. Not only can the pet accidentally ingest the chemicals found in these products, but they can also embed into the pet’s fur and become a constant source of illness. Pets walk on the carpet. They get the product on their paws. They lick their paws. You get the picture. If you use any type of materials on the carpet, keep pets outdoors until it has absorbed and/or been vacuumed away.

Cabinets and closets

Small animals, especially cats, love hiding in tight dark spaces. The danger with this is you may not realize your beloved pet has sneaked into a small space such as a closet, cabinet, or even the clothes dryer. Always check inside these areas before closing the door. It could mean the difference between life and death for your pet.

Electrical cords

You may not realize just how many electrical cords are hanging within your pet’s reach. Get down on the floor and crawl around one room of the house. Hello cords! They are everywhere! Virtually every form of entertainment we have is connected to a least one cord, and they are a huge temptation to pets. Keep pets safe at home by organizing cords, cables, and wires and prevent injury.

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